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Day 98 – March 17, 2011

Today, the plan was to get to the Rusty Spurs early to get in to see Neon Trees. Unfortunately for me, I was too tired and took a nap and then had to go get some stuff at the grocery store that I’d forgotten earlier, then I make the dough for sugar cookies and rolled out the dough. Parking was difficult downtown and it took me about half hour to find parking at 5th and Colorado. By the time I showed up at the venue, they were no longer letting people who had RSVPed and it was then only a wristband/badge event.


I knew some people were going to see the Strokes (including RI whom I was supposed to meet up with at Neon Trees), so I texted a few and walked to meet up with RI and JV at Imperia for dinner.

6th Street madness

We had some sushi for dinner, and we talked for a bit

Apres dinner

Then off I went to meet WT at Molotov. TS was also there but left after a little while. I met WT’s coworker KS. We went to Lanai to visit my fav bartender. There were some bands playing up there. Didn’t get the names of any of them!

Some band

Me, KS, and WT at Lanai.

We went to Chi’lantro afterwards and we all shared some Kimchi fries and quesadillas… *drool* I then drove KS, her boy, and WT to WT’s car and then headed home. When I got home, I realized that there was a phone on my back seat. I texted KS and said we’d meet up after her work for a drop off.

Ooof.. Friday’s going to be tough!


Day 96 – March 15, 2011

Today, CR and I went to the Rodeo Austin!!

Entering the Rodeo Austin grounds

After we paid for our tickets, we went in, tasted some dips and popcorn, walked around and “window” shopped for belts 😉 looked at all the food that was available.

The foods of the Rodeo: deep fried corn, pizza on a stick, walking taco, and creamalot

Then we went to check out the animals.

Texas Longhorn

Mini donkey!

Awww look at those eyes! Black buck (okay.. sign, if you say so!)

After that, we went to the rodeo show where we saw cowboys and cowgirls and cowchildren (they were little kidlets trying to hold onto sheep!)… I shot some video but there wasn’t anything that was uber interesting so I didn’t upload it. After the show, there was an intermission and then Jason Derulo took the stage. Who’s Jason Derulo, you say?  Well maybe if you listened to the pop station you’d know 😛

It's Jason Derulo!! Oh em gee!! It was crazy to hear all the tweens/teens screaming for him... forgot what a pop concert was like!

I called it... doing a lap around the arena in the back of the truck!

Pretty ferris wheel

Derulo danced really well. He did sing one song twice… once acoustic, and one like on the radio (non-acoustic lol).

It was quite interesting.. and now I can say that I’ve been to the rodeo!


Day 70 – February 17, 2011

Today started with a cute little kitty wanting me to pet him!

This evening, EE and I decided to meet up for drinks with JC (the race team captain in Oct — also CR’s coworker)

Me, EE & JC

Getting friendly

After a drink, we headed to a new spot… the Broken Spoke.. we wanted to show TS’s friends from Ohio a country bar!

There's an odd bus outside of the Broken Spoke

There's another thing in Austin we've tried..

TS & AL - AL dressed the part!

Friendly again!

We all didn’t dance, AL danced with one of TS’s friends and another one of her friends danced with some chick there. After a while and much people watching, the novelty wore and we decided to head towards home — so we hit West 6th — J. Black’s.

TS was having phone issues from the start -- she couldn't find it {Here's EE helping her look for it}. Then she dropped it in the toilet!

2/3 of TS's Ohio friends on their phones..

As EE has an appointment with the trainer tomorrow, we left before midnight!! I know! Hard to believe.. it was fun though 😀


Day 57 – February 4, 2011

Today was a snow day! Too bad I can work from home so I didn’t get to take it off 😦

My car mostly covered in snow

What it looked like this morning

{Forgot to change the exposure when I went to take a pic of Eddie} He's looking like he might want to check out the situation

{Focus fail} He just looked so confident about to walk out that I had to post it

Wait a second.. what's this cold wet stuffs?

Eddie's cute little paw prints

The record for the most snow recorded in one day period was broken;  it had been half an inch back in 1906, but there was 1″ of accumulation at Camp Mabry this morning. There were a ton of accidents on the road, but I wasn’t going to drive around town… if they can’t drive in the rain, they can’t drive on snowy roads nor ice! By 4pm, most of the ice/snow had melted and it had cleared up for the most part. The cats went out for a little bit in the afternoon (about 2-3 minutes) — Dusty was enjoying the sunshine and the warmer weather compared to the last few days. Later on, it had cooled down a bit, but Dusty still wanted to go outside and he was pretty demanding about it… he kept hitting the blinds in protest. I’m guessing he’s also suffering from cabin fever! He stayed outside less than a minute. I’m sure he’ll be happier tomorrow when it’s 56F.

Nothing exciting happened happened… I finally got around to watching the movie I got from Netflix in the mail a month and a half ago.


Gonna give this 5 stars


The only thing I like more than a happy ending is a happy ending based on a true story 😀

I can’t wait until tomorrow so I can finally leave the house without worrying about freezing to death 🙂


Day 56 – February 3rd, 2011

Today was day 2 of the super cold front.

I went to the kitchen to cut up some papaya, and Dusty followed me to the kitchen.

Can I has some treatz?

He stretched up on my sweat pants, which meant he wanted me to give him some treats. I took the bag of treats out of the pantry.. and it wasn’t long before someone came rushing in..

Gimme gimme!!

I gave them some treats and they finally let me cut up my papaya; I put it in my favourite bowl.

I {heart} papaya!

After work, I played some more of the Simpsons… I saw this billboard which I don’t recall seeing before:

I dunno about you, but it doesn't look like ham to me!

For dinner, I made some beef stir fry

Nutritious and delicious!

I was craving cookies really bad so I decided to make ones that wouldn’t break the PointsPlus bank 😀

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies and milk!

I went to bed and as I rolled and looked out the window, I saw my car covered in snow! So I went to take a pic.

Who knew I'd need a snow brush & ice scraper in Austin?!?

Sorry that it’s a little blurry, but since it was dark out, I had to use a long exposure relying on the railing to stabilize the camera since I didn’t feel like setting up a tripod. As I went to bed, I heard what sounded like hail… please don’t let my poor car get any more dents!!


Day 33 – January 11, 2011

Today was a crazy day — I had to do stuff for work, go to the office, pack, and send you a package. I put all the packaged baked goods in a Lululemon bag and was ready to go to the post office and someone got in the way…

I keep telling you he misses his daddy... he wanted to be shipped along with the baked goods!

While I was working, the VP’s admin (MB) asked me to come to the hotel early.. she wanted me to accompany her to a couple of places. My boss got in just in time and he joined us. Our first stop was Stubb’s; MB wanted to select the menu and check out the space.

The stage at Stubb's -- shot by my boss

The outside of Stubb's - also shot by my boss

After that, we went to Kenishi to select that menu as well. After we dropped MB off at the hotel, my boss and I went to the boxing gym. He wanted to talk to the owner and finalize details. We also went for dinner at the restaurant across the street from the hotel.

Fish tacos w/ranchero beans and rice

After dinner, we got down to work… planned all the scenes that needed to be shot and thought of some ideas for the video.

This was the workstation in my room

We laid out the equipment on my bed & were testing out the lights

Once we were satisfied with everything, we packed up and called it a night.


Day 21 – December 30, 2010

Today, my dad started uber early! When you’re in Toronto, it’s better to be there way early so you don’t miss your flight!

Pearson Terminal 1 at 5:30am

It was very foggy when I got to the gate

The fog lifted just in time for the sunrise. Soon after I took this photo, it got cloudy again...

Back in Austin! Yay!! Too bad one of my bags didn't make it back with me...

It was beautiful when I got back… I was very excited 😀

This is so much better 😀

I’m glad to be home and the cats were not exactly excited to see me… Dusty stayed on the bed and didn’t even come out. Eddie warmed up to me after a few minutes. Since I didn’t get my bag, I waited for it to be delivered and missed AG’s birthday party 😦 Big party tomorrow.. can’t wait!