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Day 128 – April 16, 2011

This morning, I got up and showered, dressed, and ate. It was a big day for my mom… so we got in the car and drove to the mall.

Of course, the sun is gone and it's raining!

We got to the Apple store and it was crowded!! My mom finally got her birthday/Christmas present:

One happy mama with her iPad

After it was paid for, she was assisted in setting it up and got a small tutorial on the iPad. It’s like a big iPhone of course… but there were some differences.

We got home and played around it until my dad got back from work. We had lunch plans to go to St. Lawrence Market in downtown Toronto. St. Lawrence Market has all kinds of foods and kitchen goods for sale, and there are also a bunch of restaurants.  We went to my parents’ favourite sea food place.

The crab cakes were sooo good

My dad had a salmon salad that was mouth watering! To the right is yummy calamari

You know you're in Canada when they have vinegar available for your fries

After lunch, we went to walk around.. my mom got some pasta sauce and fresh pasta to take home

Pasta sauce

Fresh pasta made at the market

A friend of my mom's asked her for some dog bones next time she went.. maybe she didn't want them that big!

After we left the market, we went to Kensington Market to get tortillas.. and while we were there, we also got some churros

I must admit, they looked better than they tasted

After all that excitement during the day, we came home and it was nap time! When I woke up, my sister was home and I hung out with her for the evening at home. it’s nice to have a relaxing weekend.


Day 113 – April 1st, 2011

Today started the same as my mornings usually start… I open my bedroom door and crawl back into bed so I can give Eddie his morning cuddles. Then, out of nowhere, Dusty jumps on the bed and gets in between me and Eddie. He wanted me to pet him! He’s never that aggressive when it comes to being pet! Eddie was not happy and perhaps a little dumbfounded and left.

I went into the office.. we had an All Hands video call  and 8 of us (including my boss) were to talk about ourselves for 5 minutes. We pretty much went over our alloted time.. but it was fun. Before the call, I realized that my personal Macbook wasn’t closing properly.. the latch wasn’t working so I made an appointment at the Genius bar and headed there shortly after the call ended.

An Apple employee checked me in and I wanted for a few minutes before I was brought over to the bar. The tech took a look at the Macbook and took it to the back to see if he could fix it. While he was away, I noticed an awful sight.

Wait.. what's THAT doing at the Genius bar?!?

The tech came back and he had fixed the latch. I went home. It was HOT.. 92F what is up with this weather?!?

EE texted me and asked if I wanted to go to Weirdo’s for a little bit.. so she and her kid A picked me up and off we went. After the sun set, the weather was beautiful! I was home before 9.

I was on the Macbook surfing and then once again, Dusty came over and wanted me to pet him… so I put the Macbook away and I pet him.

He fell asleep on my lap and Eddie wasn't very happy!!

He’s left to eat, drink, go potty, and then he’s come back. He’s currently sleeping on the couch here. Eddie.. I don’t know where he went. Dusty kept touching my calf, and then a few times, he’s dug one claw into my calf. Not sure what that’s about.. and I’m not sure why I’m getting so much love today, but I’ll take it!


Day 85 – March 4, 2011

Today, I got a call just before noon.. my MacBook was ready to be picked up!! I was super excited. They ended up replacing a bunch of stuff so it’s like having a new machine! Gotta love Apple Care 😀

After work, I went to Happy Hour at Weirdos. EE, CR, AG, JV, and AP, along with some of EE’s classmates/friends and their kidlets/babies. I didn’t take a lot of photos.

some girls

JV and C - C was drinking an abandoned Mexican martini!

Afterwards, CR and I went back to her place where we watched “Let Me In.” It was a little gross but it wasn’t as scary as I thought it could be 😀

Gotta get up early tomorrow to hit the gym!


Day 83 – March 2nd, 2011

This morning, I went for a walk/jog before work. Later on, I went to the Apple store to have someone look at the Macbook to see if it’s the NVIDIA video card problem.  Whenever I walk in there, it makes me wish I were a millionaire…

Ahhhh.. such a sweet setup

It also made me wish I were more organized

After I got the wonderful news that it was still under warranty and they would be fixing it, I went to pick up some DVDs from work and shipping materials to ship to my boss. He’s the one that’s going to be doing the video. Then I headed home. The cats were being lazy as usual…

He's still loving the snuggie plus a little sunshine

The sunset was beautiful (and more colourful)

In the evening, I finally remembered to synchronize my heart rate monitor watch with the online system (hadn’t done that in a while). I usually do it at work because it has to be on a Windows machine and I only use the Windows laptop for work. When it’s synchronizing, the watch makes a noise kind of like a modem. Someone came running over to see what was making the noise…

Intently watching

Dusty hasn’t been doing anything too exciting… his eyes are looking better. Perhaps his allergies have subdued! Poor kitty. I still harass him with hugs tho 😀

We’re almost half way there.. and we’re definitely getting closer to the weekend 😀


Day 78 – February 25, 2011

Today, I went to the office and then at lunch, I went to the Domain to return some cookie cutters that I didn’t need, and then went home.

It was funny to see Eddie with his new “kill”

a piece of tape!

I’m not sure why he loves tape.. when he first “killed” it, he took it to the bathroom.

Last night, my Macbook Pro didn’t wake up from sleep. I figured it had overheated and left it alone for the night. Today, while it made the noises, it still wouldn’t boot up 😦

Black screen

I still have to try one more thing (use the installation CD) to see if it will boot up.. it sounds like it does turn on and it gets warm  but nothing’s displayed on the screen. I don’t have an external monitor to try here so I can’t test it. I’m using my work MBP for now. I really don’t appreciate you telling Eddie to knock it off the chair repeatedly! I know you don’t like Macs, but still…

It’s time for bed.. gotta get up early to go to the gym!


Day 61 – February 8, 2011

Today, I got up early to get to work on the video and I went into the office for noon. After work, it was really windy and I dropped by the Apple store.

You can see the gross clouds out there!

One for home and one for work

The cable frayed a bit so I had to get a replacement and an additional one to keep in the office.

When I got home, Dusty wanted to be let out.. however, if Eddie goes out at the same time as Dusty, he’ll go and snag the chair for himself!

Chair Thief

Dusty was too busy in the storage closet…

Tomorrow will be another cold day. If it’s raining in the morning, I’ll probably work from home; I really need to get an umbrella.