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Day 105 – March 24, 2011

After I got home today, I baked 3 things. This is a new recipe I tried. Any guesses?

Hint: they're not cake balls

During the baking, I looked out the window to see my favourite thing..

Pink clouds.. that don't look so pink here 😦

Anyhow, they were fabulous in person.

Despite all that baking, I didn’t finish the cake balls or another baked surprise… that will be for tomorrow!


Day 75 – February 22, 2011

Today, I went for a walk with EE. It was a little chilly so it required a long sleeve shirt but it was warm otherwise.

Cloudy usually = chilly

Neither one had ever noticed this house before…

There's a hole in the roof!!

What came first — the tree or the house? Weirdddd.

I really need to go to the gym and not rely on our 3+ mile walks…



Day 29 – January 7, 2011

Today began a little too early due to a text message I received at 6:30. My cousin MF was asking if I could meet her sister (JaF) + fam down by the airport around 8:30 or 9 to drop off the stuff instead of them coming up. Luckily for me, the guy I had a call with at 8:30 was already online and I jumped on a call with him at 7am. WAY too early to be on a business call, I tell you. Anyway, I went down by the airport and drove around a bit on Hwy 71 because I didn’t know where they were; they couldn’t make or receive calls… they could only send/receive text messages, but I didn’t get either one they sent me. Anyway, after driving around for a while, I decided I was just going to pull into the Denny’s parking lot and wait there. I texted MF to let her know where I was and a couple of minutes later, this car parks next to me and I look over to the lady, and I then turn back to my iPhone. Two seconds later, there was a knock at my window.. it was JaF! The car next to me was theirs. It turned out that they had also pulled into the same parking lot but were on the other side, so when MF said “she’s at the Denny’s / Holiday Inn parking lot,” they drove to the other side looking for me. Anyway, it was good to see them.. I hadn’t seen them since July 2007. JaF lived with us 2 separate times in Canada.. she’s the reason my sister & I started hanging out 😀


My cousin & her hubby

I worked some more then it was time for Ladies lunch! The plan was for me to meet them for lunch, then head into the office, then get my hair did, and so before I left the house, I took a “before” picture


Before - rockin' the waves

At lunch, it was EE + A, CR, and AR — have you ever met AR? I don’t think you have… We went to the Mongolian Grille near my place.


Someone was not in the mood to have her picture taken!

The Ladies

Crazy afternoon at work.. I left in time to get my hair done. The hairdresser was recommended by a girl from kickball; the hairdresser was really cool. I will probably go back 🙂 On my way home, the clouds looked really funky.. I was praying for a red light and when I got it, most of the clouds were obstructed by trees 😦


You get the idea..

After I got home, I wasn’t feeling well so  I took a nap. My work partner sent me a text at 11:15pm so I would get up and add redirects that I didn’t add to a website last week. Glad I got that out of the way… then I took my after photo…


My new hairs... I probably should've taken the pic before I took a nap!

My hair feels so much better.. I don’t know what products she used but they smell lovely!! I want!!

Tomorrow… Stephanie’s class!! EEKS!


Day 21 – December 30, 2010

Today, my dad started uber early! When you’re in Toronto, it’s better to be there way early so you don’t miss your flight!

Pearson Terminal 1 at 5:30am

It was very foggy when I got to the gate

The fog lifted just in time for the sunrise. Soon after I took this photo, it got cloudy again...

Back in Austin! Yay!! Too bad one of my bags didn't make it back with me...

It was beautiful when I got back… I was very excited 😀

This is so much better 😀

I’m glad to be home and the cats were not exactly excited to see me… Dusty stayed on the bed and didn’t even come out. Eddie warmed up to me after a few minutes. Since I didn’t get my bag, I waited for it to be delivered and missed AG’s birthday party 😦 Big party tomorrow.. can’t wait!


Day 14 – December 23, 2010

Baby.. get ready for a picture post!

Today, I was working from home and my mom asked me to go get her some beans from the Asian market across the street. After I showered, I went to get the beans and thought that maybe they’d have Vietnamese sandwiches (the stores prior to that one always had them delivered from the Chinese Center down the street). I was excited and cold as I walked to the store. I could see my breath, and my ears got red really quickly, so I put my hood on. It wasn’t even a 5 minute walk… “it must be below freezing!!” I thought.

The door of the store said they had fresh sandwiches at the deli. Yay!! I needed some baking supplies along with the pinto beans, so I went to grab a basket… the basket was oddly shaped. Turns out there were wheels and a handle!


I grabbed a couple of bags of beans and put them in my basket-cart, and then went to the “baking supplies” aisle and looked at the price of the flour. I wasn’t going to pay over $5 for a bag of All-Purpose flour!! I made my way over to the deli section, and looked around for the Vietnamese sandwiches only to find that there were none. I asked the lady at the deli counter and she said that they just had regular sandwiches *sad face* However, the produce looked really nice. I don’t like the fact that they used so much plastic, but it looked fresher and in better condition that way…

Purdy Produce

Buster was being a brat because I was working on the table near the window. He wanted to go in and out as he pleased. I just heard him complain just now because it’s too late to let him out!

Another Brat Cat

Once my mom got home, we played CityVille for a bit then we headed out. Her car said that the temperature was 1*C (34F) and I was like “that’s it?!? I was freezing earlier!” and she teased me.

Me wearing gloves, my mom driving without them {"it's not cold!"} and the temperature on the dashboard reads 0*C / 32F

On the way there, I was commenting on how cloudy & dark the skies were.

Ewwww no blue skies and all grey clouds!!

"Over there! There's a tiny bit of blue sky!" "WHERE???"

"Behind us, it looks better!!" Then she pulled a U-turn and said "that's as good as it's going to get!"

[She pulled a U-y because she realized she wanted to go to another store than the one we had previously been headed to] We finally made it to the store. We got out of the car and were making our way to the entrance of the store when my mom goes “WAIT WAIT!!” She had forgotten her shopping bags!

"Good Canadians bring the store shopping bags"

Now we were free to go in! I forgot how much French is around us..

All I wanted was some unsalted butter 😦

Once we got all the stuff, we headed home and my mom started on the tamales.. she seasoned the fillings, made the dough and started to spread dough on the corn husks.

Step 4 of like 7? Take note of our tiny little tree... My mom said she didn't feel like putting up a big tree

Once we were done w/the tamales, I helped my dad with his phone (he was having trouble accessing hotmail from it), found him a Christmas present, and tried to figure out how to unlock the iPhone.. My sister decided she would let my mom have it. While I was researching, the phone rang and my mom was all like “IT’S [my sister]!!” and I was like “okay….” but she hadn’t even picked up yet. I figured it was call display. Nope.. mother’s intuition. She knew something was wrong.. D was apparently throwing up while on the phone w/my mom so we rushed over to her place because she’d been sick for a couple of hours. My mom was worried that it was some virus going around at the hospital and D didn’t want to go to the walk-in clinic because she thought it was nothing. We stayed with her for a bit, then she wanted to just be covered with more blankets as she was freezing (but no fever).

Sicky wearing a hoodie and her snuggie and some over her legs pillows. After this, we put the duvet on her

This is her Xmas tree in her room

D's mini tree. Had to make sure the pic showed it with the lights on

So once we thought she was ok, we came home. We hung out for a bit and as I started writing this, D called. She said her roommate had taken her to a walk-in clinic. They went to Shopppers Drug Mart and she was coming home [she got home and is currently sleeping]. She has the stomach flu. I’m not going near her.. I really don’t want that.. especially since my insurance doesn’t cover anything outside the US.

I’m off tomorrow.. not sure what we’re going to do just yet… maybe make some tamales for ourselves (the others were for the pot luck at my dad’s work) or maybe we’ll wait until Saturday to make them when D feels better.

Merry Christmas Eve day!!