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Day 100 (!!) – March 19, 2011

Happy 10 month anniversary baby!!

Today, I took me and the cookies to visit my cousins for the baby’s party. I assisted in setting up some of the table, making sandwiches, etc. I did actually pick up the baby when he started crying and his mom was in the shower. It wasn’t pretty.. I was trying to hold his head and he kept squirming. Thank goodness MF came to the rescue and gave him a bottle. The party was fun.. we stayed up late chatting.

The baby!

Party favors

Cookies 😀

Table spread

P and his new kitty Terry

JeF, P, and Terry

JeF's husband PS and the baby daddy FF

Went to bed really late 😦


Day 59 – February 6, 2011

Today, I woke up a little too early for a Sunday, but since I didn’t go out last night, I had to make sure I went to yoga class. After the gym, I played some more Wii, cleaned up the apartment, and then I went over to EE’s for the Super Bowl party.

WT & EE were fist pumping to the Black Eyed Peas but I couldn't get a good shot of it

RI + JV (don't they look chummy) & Rusty!

Me & RI.. I think everyone was rooting for the Steelers

Rusty was really into EE's kitten who was chillin' on my lap. Notice the kitty's paw on Rusty's paw

I left before the game was over… 1.5 quarters were enough for me 😀


Day 9 – December 18, 2010

Since it’s technically the 19th right now.. Happy 7 month anniversary 🙂
As you know, I started frosting cookies this morning and finally made it to my cousin’s around 4pm.


I brought a plate of these for each - MF & AF. There were chocolate chip cookies under the decorated cookies

Before I left my place, MF called me to ask me to bring some dressy clothes because we were going to go to CO’s work’s Xmas dinner.


We went to CO's work's Xmas Dinner


MF and me 🙂

After dinner, they had a sports improv team come in and do some improv stuff for a while..

Sports Improv

Sports Improv - they were really good!

Then we had a table While Elephant gift exchange. Instead of each person picking out a present, a representative from a table went up to the tree to pick out a present. The lady at our table stole a blanket from someone, and then the blanket was stolen from her. So she got a Snuggie, then it was taken from her, and she did end up getting it back. Then when it was over, we had to look under our chair; the person w/the sticker under their chair would win the table’s present. So our representative had the sticker and got to keep the snuggie (so rigged!! lol)

Snuggie winner!

Snuggie winner!

We came home and chatted for a bit w/MF’s friend and now I’m going to sleep cuz I’m super tired!