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Day 115 – April 3rd, 2011

Today, I woke up to find a huge mess in the kitchen. Due to me procrastinating then rushing with the cupcakes, I didn’t have time to clean up yesterday before heading to EE’s and I was too tired after the movie. The first thing I had to do was clean the kitchen. I turned on the Netflix and was excited to see that one of my favourite shows as a teen was available for streaming!

My So-Called Life... so what if I have the short-lived series on DVD?

I also watched a movie I hadn’t watched since the ’80s and it may have been in Spanish

Karate Kid

I also cleaned my room and closet and did my laundry. In the evening, I went grocery shopping. Who knew that the grocery store was such a popular place around 7pm on a Sunday?!?

Today was pretty uneventful.. can’t believe the weekend’s over already!


Day 108 – March 27, 2011

Today, I really thought about going to the gym.. but getting out of bed to go to yoga just didn’t seem appealing.. especially as I’ve been going to bed so late. Then, it took me forever to figure out what I wanted to have for breakfast so I just had some grapefruit. I got some grapefruit spoons at the grocery store a while back and I have loved using them. After eating half the grapefruit, I wondered if I eat it without breaking the little “walls.”


I continued to watch Nip/Tuck.. well I don’t know that I was actually watching it, I usually use TV for background noise.

a perfect lie..

Anyway, it did get rather annoying with all the recycling of partners. At least I got it out of my system!

And with that, the weekend’s over!


Day 97 – March 16, 2011

Today I worked from home as a maintenance person was going to come to change the filters but I didn’t want the kitties to be scared. Today was also the first day of the year that I turned on the AC!

Yes this is a big deal :p

Eddie and Dusty were investigating the situation. They must've felt or heard something...

Mirana decided she’s the queen of the apartment and has been stealing all the cats’ favourite spots… She loves Eddie’s hangouts:

The bathroom - those are Eddie's whiskers on the right

On top of the chair.. she slaps him when he tries to get close or when he jumps on the chair

Earlier..she was trying to get me to move off the desk chair. I refused. Once I got off the chair, she jumped right on it!

She doesn’t like to be picked up either, but once in a while, she needs a little bit of love. She’ll come and rub herself on my leg, then I can pick her up for a minute, then she squirms again. Eddie has definitely met his match… I think they’re going to miss each other once she’s gone.

Since I’m done watching SVU, I’m onto Criminal Intent.

Netflix only has seasons 1 and 5 for streaming on the Wii.

I didn’t like season 1 so much.. I don’t think the 2 main detectives have very good personalities, but I do like season 5 better. Chris Noth is calmer and less abrasive.

Back to the office tomorrow…



Day 74 – February 21, 2011

Today, I finally got a purselet I ordered from Michael Kors a while back.

Michael Kors purselet

It holds an iPhone nicely 😀

I think I’m going to use it when I go downtown this weekend 🙂

As background noise, my new go-to show on Netflix is

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Luckily they have like 10+ seasons!

Just an ordinary Monday…


Day 45 – January 23, 2011

Today, I slept a lot.. you know you’re getting older when it takes long to recoup from a night out.

The day was cloudy and chilly but eventually the sun came out.

The colours were much brighter in real life...

I didn’t do much.. I slept, played some more Kirby (trying to finish the game.. I need to finish collecting all the items in the collections), and watched my fave show of the moment


I’m almost done with season 4, which is the last one available as season 5 hasn’t been released yet. Since season 6 is starting this summer, I’m thinking the DVD for season 5 will be out just before it starts.

I can’t believe it’s Monday already. I need to hit the sack.


Day 41 – January 19, 2011

Today, I decided to work from home as I was too tired to go into the office. I really need to go to bed earlier… The cats as per usual slept almost the whole day.. it was funny to see how they chose to sleep.

Eddie sticks his leg out

Dusty slept in a paper bag

Ah.. I was so jealous. I wanted to take a nap but I had too much work to do 😦

However, I did take some time to watch White Collar..

Best show EVER!!

I must say it was a really good episode! It’s on Hulu so you should watch it! I can hear you groaning.. just do it!! 😛

Tomorrow, I’m gonna try to hit the gym at lunch and then I’m going to happy hour after work 😀


Day 38 – January 16, 2011

Today was such a lazy day… I really needed it though.

I downloaded a game demo and it caught Eddie’s attention. At first he was just watching, and then

he decided he wanted to play too...

I didn’t really like the game, and I moved onto an old game that I never finished…

Wario Land: Shake It! is a tough game 😦

Then I watched some TV…

on Netflix, I watched Psych and Columbo

on Hulu, I watched Cougar Town, Family Guy, and Parenthood

Tomorrow, I’m going to run some errands and hit the gym and get ready to go back into the office… I should try to get my sleeping schedule back on track!