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Day 50 (!!) – January 28, 2011

This morning, I woke up early.. and I the cleaning bug had bit me so I finally put away my laundry and tidied up my bedroom. I also put some more clothes in the wash and the cats were very excited about the basket..

Mine.. all mine!!

A few minutes later…

Be careful Dusty!!

I was really surprised that Eddie didn’t jump him. Dusty’s eyes are still bugging him a little bit…

I decided to start over with the cookies. I need to give it another shot and see if I can do a better job. If not, you’re getting ugly cookies 😀

First batch on the cooling rack

Second batch fresh out of the oven!

Decorating round 2 tomorrow after the gym!


Day 46 – January 24, 2011

Even though you just got my last package a week ago, I’ve been thinking about your next one and I decided to start a little early with the cookies. I went to the baking store, Wal-mart and Hobby Lobby to pick up a few things

Yeah.. I'm not giving everything away 😉

Tonight, I made the dough and rolled it out and put it in the fridge.

My favourite appliance at work!

The plan is to bake the cookies tomorrow or Wednesday. AB’s birthday is tomorrow and I might go for drinks after the gym, and if I have time, I’ll cut the cookies and put them in the oven.

Eddie still loves the cookie dough.. bad kitty!


Day 8 – December 17, 2010

So you’ve been gone for a week… yet you haven’t been where you are for a full week yet.

Today was a busy day at work.. I was tired from the lack of sleep last night due to the cookies, so when I got home I took a nap. Then I slowly began to work on cookies again. Oy…

I made some black cocoa cookie dough. I put less black cocoa than the recipe we got in class (and it tastes much better)

I baked ornaments with the dough left over from last night

I have baked 2 batches of Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookies, and I need to bake about 2-3 more

I'm watching the Star Wars trilogy so I can watch "Something Something Something Dark Side Something Something" and actually get it. I don't remember the Star Wars movies from when I was a kid.

As if we needed any more proof that Eddie loves sugar.. he stuck his head in the sugar bag, then his front legs, then his head, and so on and so on trying to get sugar out. Oyyy

And now I’m going to put some more chocolate chip cookie dough balls in the oven and maybe make some more royal icing to decorate the cookies I have made.. I’m getting tired though. Hopefully I’ll talk to you before I go to bed. I missed talking to you this morning 😦