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Day 57 – February 4, 2011

Today was a snow day! Too bad I can work from home so I didn’t get to take it off 😦

My car mostly covered in snow

What it looked like this morning

{Forgot to change the exposure when I went to take a pic of Eddie} He's looking like he might want to check out the situation

{Focus fail} He just looked so confident about to walk out that I had to post it

Wait a second.. what's this cold wet stuffs?

Eddie's cute little paw prints

The record for the most snow recorded in one day period was broken;  it had been half an inch back in 1906, but there was 1″ of accumulation at Camp Mabry this morning. There were a ton of accidents on the road, but I wasn’t going to drive around town… if they can’t drive in the rain, they can’t drive on snowy roads nor ice! By 4pm, most of the ice/snow had melted and it had cleared up for the most part. The cats went out for a little bit in the afternoon (about 2-3 minutes) — Dusty was enjoying the sunshine and the warmer weather compared to the last few days. Later on, it had cooled down a bit, but Dusty still wanted to go outside and he was pretty demanding about it… he kept hitting the blinds in protest. I’m guessing he’s also suffering from cabin fever! He stayed outside less than a minute. I’m sure he’ll be happier tomorrow when it’s 56F.

Nothing exciting happened happened… I finally got around to watching the movie I got from Netflix in the mail a month and a half ago.


Gonna give this 5 stars


The only thing I like more than a happy ending is a happy ending based on a true story 😀

I can’t wait until tomorrow so I can finally leave the house without worrying about freezing to death 🙂


Day 22 – December 31st, 2010

Today, I woke up in my own bed and loved it! The cats were being lazy and so was I. After I got up, I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned to welcome to new year with a clean home 🙂 I should’ve taken photos! At night, I got ready to head over to EE’s parents for their NYE party. As I was getting ready to go, I noticed someone watching fireworks from the window.

Caught! He didn't appreciate me taking a photo of him.

We ate, we drank, and we hung out by the pool

Happy New Year!!

A little too much horse play for TS!

Such a typical ASC photo 😀

We also played Jenga, went into the hot tub, and entertained the girls for a bit until I crashed at 4am. Good times! The rest of the pix will be up on fb.

Happy 2011, baby!!