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Day 120 – April 8, 2011

This morning, the little brave kitty wanted extra cuddles.. he wanted to make sure I still loved him after his attempt to run away!

Morning love

Later on, I inspected him for injuries.. he seemed fine but I wanted to make sure he was ok.

One pad was a little red and there was some blood surrounding it

Hopefully that will heal rather quickly! But that was pretty good for having gotten down from the 3rd story balcony to the ground (most likely via the roof to the side of the balcony).

After I dropped off your packages, I went to meet up with some folks over at Weirdo’s… where we enjoyed some root beer floats made by JV while hanging out in the shade. It was a hot one!! Much later on, I went to the restroom and on my way there, I saw 2 dogs going towards a small dog. I heard the dog yelp and then I realized it was Roxy and TG! Someone had to hold the dogs back because they really wanted to get in Roxy’s face. She made it out okay… a little shook up but not hurt. For the rest of the night, she was pretty sad..

She just wants people and doggies to like her!

And now for the obligatory people shots 😀

Goin down.. EE, WT & AG

I really thought my tan had faded enough.. I guess not! AB & TG

Tomorrow, I’m going to bake some of the Lemon Ricotta cookies I sent you for the Crawfish Boil at AG & MV’s!


Day 34 – January 12, 2011

This morning, I had a very hard time getting up — I had less than 6 hours of sleep after getting everything ready. My boss told me to order room service and we should meet at 7:30.

I ordered a smoked salmon bagel, strawberries, and orange juice.

This is what a $40 breakfast looks like!

We went to the gym and we got there around 8:30am. We started to take out the equipment and I took photos while my boss videotaped details of the gym.

You can see my boss's reflection in the mirror

Another shot of the gym

Behind the speed bag was the big ring

Once we had everything we needed, we waited for the VPs to arrive. We were going to film them as they drove up.

Ready for action!

Once we got the shots outside, we went inside to explain to the VPs what they were required to do. The gym’s owner’s dog wanted to be apart of the video too!

Johnny Cash 😀

After we were done filming, we went back to the hotel and tried downloading the videos. I was missing some cables and a hard drive.  We went downstairs to try to help MB (VP’s admin) with name tags as today was the official check-in date for the reps. There was another conference around the corner and people kept stopping at our table with name tags, so we had to keep pointing them in the right direction. My boss & MB got sick of it so they made a sign with the company’s name.

Hitchin' a ride!

I had to get a pic of it because it was so ghetto lol.. A hotel employee came to set up a proper sign with a frame so people would know this was not their table. They still stopped at our table…

My boss and I went to the office to pick up the hard drive but I was still missing cables… We called the front desk and they transferred me to the IT department and they brought me one cable but it wasn’t the right one. We decided to leave it and maybe come back to my apartment to get the cables after dinner.

The attendees were divided by Lines of Business for dinner and we were given the option of whose team to join. We joined the group that had some people from operations including my boss’s old boss. We went to the Belmont and I had the rib eye. It wasn’t that great — the apps were much better. I had a pounding headache all evening, but we went out for drinks with the rest of the group anyway. We were only there for a little bit as my boss didn’t feel like being social either, and we had plans to drive out to Ft. Hood at 6:30am the next day.

Tomorrow’s when we get to have fun!