Day 83 – March 2nd, 2011

This morning, I went for a walk/jog before work. Later on, I went to the Apple store to have someone look at the Macbook to see if it’s the NVIDIA video card problem.  Whenever I walk in there, it makes me wish I were a millionaire…

Ahhhh.. such a sweet setup

It also made me wish I were more organized

After I got the wonderful news that it was still under warranty and they would be fixing it, I went to pick up some DVDs from work and shipping materials to ship to my boss. He’s the one that’s going to be doing the video. Then I headed home. The cats were being lazy as usual…

He's still loving the snuggie plus a little sunshine

The sunset was beautiful (and more colourful)

In the evening, I finally remembered to synchronize my heart rate monitor watch with the online system (hadn’t done that in a while). I usually do it at work because it has to be on a Windows machine and I only use the Windows laptop for work. When it’s synchronizing, the watch makes a noise kind of like a modem. Someone came running over to see what was making the noise…

Intently watching

Dusty hasn’t been doing anything too exciting… his eyes are looking better. Perhaps his allergies have subdued! Poor kitty. I still harass him with hugs tho 😀

We’re almost half way there.. and we’re definitely getting closer to the weekend 😀



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