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Day 105 – March 24, 2011

After I got home today, I baked 3 things. This is a new recipe I tried. Any guesses?

Hint: they're not cake balls

During the baking, I looked out the window to see my favourite thing..

Pink clouds.. that don't look so pink here 😦

Anyhow, they were fabulous in person.

Despite all that baking, I didn’t finish the cake balls or another baked surprise… that will be for tomorrow!


Day 77 – February 24, 2011

Happy Mexican Flag day!

Today, the day started off really cloudy. I was going to to go the gym at noon, but it was raining plus I lost track of time and before I knew it, I was late for class. I decided to go for another walk with EE after work, but before that, I decided to stop by Target.

It didn’t look as though it had been cloudy for the past couple of days!

I just had to pick a couple of things — cheese and toilet paper 😉 I did see a couple of things I’m going to get for your next package but I was in a rush and didn’t pick up anything. They’re going to have groceries at that Target so it was under construction and I couldn’t find anything. I had to settle for quesadilla cheese.

EE, K, and I went for our walk and K picked up a cardboard strip and wore it as a belt

Fashion forward

The sunset was beautiful 🙂

Of course... the photo colours were desaturated -- there was more pink

I sure hope tomorrow’s better w/the video.


Day 75 – February 22, 2011

Today, I went for a walk with EE. It was a little chilly so it required a long sleeve shirt but it was warm otherwise.

Cloudy usually = chilly

Neither one had ever noticed this house before…

There's a hole in the roof!!

What came first — the tree or the house? Weirdddd.

I really need to go to the gym and not rely on our 3+ mile walks…



Day 45 – January 23, 2011

Today, I slept a lot.. you know you’re getting older when it takes long to recoup from a night out.

The day was cloudy and chilly but eventually the sun came out.

The colours were much brighter in real life...

I didn’t do much.. I slept, played some more Kirby (trying to finish the game.. I need to finish collecting all the items in the collections), and watched my fave show of the moment


I’m almost done with season 4, which is the last one available as season 5 hasn’t been released yet. Since season 6 is starting this summer, I’m thinking the DVD for season 5 will be out just before it starts.

I can’t believe it’s Monday already. I need to hit the sack.


Day 39 – January 17, 2011

Today was one busy day for a day off!

I went to WW first thing in the morning, then I went grocery shopping at a different H-E-B that I hadn’t been to yet.

I thought about buying some butternut squash, but I decided against it since I haven't tried cooking the acorn squash yet

I saw some tortillas being made! Hadn’t seen that at a HEB before!

Made me crave warm tortillas.. *drool*

I didn’t buy any of those nice warm tortillas.. instead I bought some low-carb whole wheat ones.

I knew I had my 1:1 on Tuesday morning, so I figured I should download the videos before my boss asked…

Anticipating Tuesday's 1:1

After days of rain and cloudy weather, the sun came out! I was so stoked.. it was so warm. I let Dusty go out on the balcony and enjoy the sunshine.

Clear skies

I made dinner and lunch for tomorrow, watched more Psych, then I went to bed…



Day 27 – January 5, 2011

Today was one action-packed day! Except for work.. except for after the gym.. and except for when I got home. Ok maybe not so action-packed after all 😀

I was hoping to try a new class today after work, however, my boss called me to share some good news, and we stayed on the phone longer than I had hoped. Since it was sunny today, I didn’t feel like being stuck indoors on a treadmill so I took my walk out to the trail around the lake. I thought it was pretty when I got out there.

I still kinda wish I lived at those apartments...

Then I got on the phone with my mom and I we talked for a bit…

I liked this a lot better.. there's nothing like pink in the skies 😀

After the gym, I went to take care of some work business for next week, then I finally went to hang out w/the crew.

Yummy... strawberry beer!!

1st place in trivia for Gz & MV!

The next round, JV got #1 and MV & Gz got #2

Le Genia was inducted into the Ring of Honor while we were there

The attendees - CS, AG & WT

The cool kids :p

EE and your namesake!

After a while I went home and I realized I miss you 😦 I crashed pretty early…



Day 21 – December 30, 2010

Today, my dad started uber early! When you’re in Toronto, it’s better to be there way early so you don’t miss your flight!

Pearson Terminal 1 at 5:30am

It was very foggy when I got to the gate

The fog lifted just in time for the sunrise. Soon after I took this photo, it got cloudy again...

Back in Austin! Yay!! Too bad one of my bags didn't make it back with me...

It was beautiful when I got back… I was very excited 😀

This is so much better 😀

I’m glad to be home and the cats were not exactly excited to see me… Dusty stayed on the bed and didn’t even come out. Eddie warmed up to me after a few minutes. Since I didn’t get my bag, I waited for it to be delivered and missed AG’s birthday party 😦 Big party tomorrow.. can’t wait!


Day 11 – December 20, 2010

Ah.. Monday all over again  — super glad it’s a short week!

I met up with EE & her kids for Pho and as I told you.. your mom called while I was out with them. She’s really sweet and I’m glad she loved the cookies 🙂

Aside from that, I went to out in the afternoon and when I was on my way home, I took a photo of the sky and trees… you know how much I love the tree silhouettes against the colourful skies.

Trees, Skies, and Power Lines {Once again, Flickr diluted the colours a bit}

Mmmm... fajita tacos!

I was craving Torchy’s so I got a couple… sorry!

More cookie decorating tonight so I can finally be done with them for Austin… I’ll have to make some more once I get home. Last day in Austin tomorrow…