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Day 98 – March 17, 2011

Today, the plan was to get to the Rusty Spurs early to get in to see Neon Trees. Unfortunately for me, I was too tired and took a nap and then had to go get some stuff at the grocery store that I’d forgotten earlier, then I make the dough for sugar cookies and rolled out the dough. Parking was difficult downtown and it took me about half hour to find parking at 5th and Colorado. By the time I showed up at the venue, they were no longer letting people who had RSVPed and it was then only a wristband/badge event.


I knew some people were going to see the Strokes (including RI whom I was supposed to meet up with at Neon Trees), so I texted a few and walked to meet up with RI and JV at Imperia for dinner.

6th Street madness

We had some sushi for dinner, and we talked for a bit

Apres dinner

Then off I went to meet WT at Molotov. TS was also there but left after a little while. I met WT’s coworker KS. We went to Lanai to visit my fav bartender. There were some bands playing up there. Didn’t get the names of any of them!

Some band

Me, KS, and WT at Lanai.

We went to Chi’lantro afterwards and we all shared some Kimchi fries and quesadillas… *drool* I then drove KS, her boy, and WT to WT’s car and then headed home. When I got home, I realized that there was a phone on my back seat. I texted KS and said we’d meet up after her work for a drop off.

Ooof.. Friday’s going to be tough!


Day 94 – March 13, 2011

Today, RI and I went to a SXSW party — URDB World Records w/ Bright Light Social Hour LIVE Benefitting Break Cancer at the Highball.

It was a cloudy/chilly day.. we went a little early

Bright Light Social Hour played a song (or two but I think only one)

Then the record breaking/setting began.. here are some highlights

Loudest Whistle (120 dB)

The Australians that broke the record for longest high five watching their video (4.2km)

Australian breaking the record for fastest time (17 seconds) to eat 3 Tim Tam's while crowdsurfing (his buddy had just set the record)

Chick broke her own record for most boob wiggles in 30 seconds (68; previous record was 64)

Romany Malco from 40 year old virgin sets record for highest number of fish types in a rap (or something to that effect)

The world's largest karaoke to "I Will Survive" w/Zeale (?)

RI & me during 'I Will Survive'

Bright Light Social Hour closed the show… It was a great time. So glad RI invited me 🙂

Got home around 9:30 and daylight savings means getting up early so early to bed it is!


Day 93 – March 12, 2011

Today we are half way done.. Thirteen weeks, 1 day to go until you’re back! Hopefully this half will go by way faster than the first.

CR met up with me at the gym, and boy that class was tough.. but that’s no surprise. We went for a couple of laps around the trail outside, then I went to get groceries.

Today’s also Eddie’s first birthday! So I gave the kitties treats, tuna, a tiny bit of turkey breast, and cat nip! I thought they were old enough to share (normally I have to put them in separate rooms or Eddie will jump Dusty).. and may have been wrong.

Dusty covered in cat nip

The birthday boy!

After they fought long enough, I swept up the cat nip, threw it out and went to take a nap. CR & I decided not to go to the rodeo today and I asked if she wanted to go downtown to see Marko from Sugarcult DJing at a SXSW event. Suprisingly enough, CR had never been to any SXSW events–ever!!

They changed the venue last minute to Speakeasy but luckily I saw that on twitter. At Speakeasy, we  had a bit of a hard time at the door.. apparently it was a private party. They should’ve opened it up to everyone. We got in anyway.

Marko was already DJing by the time we got there

They had free drinks 😀 My beer was dressed up for the party!

Marko gave us some Sugarcult stickers!!

I got the scoop on Sugarcult… but there really isn’t much to tell 😦 Tim is quite popular these days after the success with Neon Trees. I hope they play a college show near me I can attend (meaning not one of those private shows) in the spring.. It’s been too long!!

CR was craving some Chi’lantro.. the line up was really long. We didn’t think anything of it because there’s usually a line by the truck. As we got closer, we saw why Chi’lantro was so popular this evening!

25 cents tacos?! I'll take two!!

After we ate (I love the tacos but CR is a burger girl!), we went to Lanai for a drink–luckily my favourite bartender was working 😀 I got a margarita (which was awesome as always) and CR got a pomegranate lemonade. We also got the scoop about a new bar/dance club that fave bartender will be managing and DJing at! Can’t wait til that opens 😀

After we finished our drink, we went back up north to EE & CF’s BBQ. The brisket was even better than last time’s 😀 We only stayed for a while as our long day left us exhausted.

Tomorrow, the SXSW activities continue but I’m only going to go to a party with RI in the evening and maybe try to meet up with a friend from Toronto.

So tired.. about to pass out. Gnite.