Day 78 – February 25, 2011

Today, I went to the office and then at lunch, I went to the Domain to return some cookie cutters that I didn’t need, and then went home.

It was funny to see Eddie with his new “kill”

a piece of tape!

I’m not sure why he loves tape.. when he first “killed” it, he took it to the bathroom.

Last night, my Macbook Pro didn’t wake up from sleep. I figured it had overheated and left it alone for the night. Today, while it made the noises, it still wouldn’t boot up 😦

Black screen

I still have to try one more thing (use the installation CD) to see if it will boot up.. it sounds like it does turn on and it gets warm  but nothing’s displayed on the screen. I don’t have an external monitor to try here so I can’t test it. I’m using my work MBP for now. I really don’t appreciate you telling Eddie to knock it off the chair repeatedly! I know you don’t like Macs, but still…

It’s time for bed.. gotta get up early to go to the gym!


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