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Day 63 – February 10, 2011

Today, I started my day off at home as I was waiting for a package to be delivered around 10:30. After the package arrived, I went to the gym and then I went into the office. Before I knew it, it was past 5 but before I left the office, I wanted to finish doing an update, but my boss texted me — he was looking for the very first video we ever put together. So then I had to help him find it on the server… talk about a walk through memory lane… all the videos we have done so far (ok not that many..) but there were some random pix uploaded as well.. and other videos I didn’t want to see! I left the office around 7:15 and went to HEB. As I went in, I saw that they had Snuggies on clearance for $10!! So I stopped in and got one.

I finally caved!!

Eddie called dibs on the reading light! I guess he needs it more than I do.

The cats really like it thus far…

I had to uncover him to take this pic...

Shortly after I took this, I got a phone call letting me open the box!!!

It was a toughie!!!

But definitely worth the effort!

Ooooh so purdy!!

Boooo the colours got washed out. Thank you baby 🙂 It’s super pretty!! And thank you for not torturing me until Monday 😀

Last day of the work week tomorrow… can’t wait for the weekend!


Day 52 – January 30, 2011

Today, I had let the cats out onto the balcony and I went back to my room. After a while, Dusty came over and started meowing . He went to the window and meowed some more. I thought that he wanted me to open the window which was really strange because the door to the balcony was open, but I opened it anyway. Once I opened it, I saw that Eddie was on the balcony looking at Dusty through the window. I went to call Eddie in (didn’t want him jumping off the balcony) and saw that the door was closed. I opened the door and Eddie ran in… Dusty was playing Lassie and alerted me that his likkle brother was in trouble! ♥ ♥

Anyhow, as I told you already know, I got your mom’s package in the mail yesterday.  My jaw was on the floor… the table runner & place mats turned out AWESOME (Thanks again, L!). Here are the photos:

Ooh la la!!

Up close


I love it.. Eddie was trying to get up on the table to inspect the new items… boy did he complain when I wouldn’t let him on! Speaking of Eddie, here he is with his latest “kill.” He obtained it from the recycle bin.

Mmmm yummy!

And here are the failed peanut butter cookies

Where did I go wrong? 😦

Your package is just about ready to go… I hope you like your cookies 😀


Day 6 – December 15, 2010

The day started off with me making some dough so I could bake some cookies today.

Prepping the dough before going to work

When I came home from work, my knife block had been delivered, so I went to the office to pick it up. Naturally, Eddie couldn’t keep away from the box!

Eddie biting the box

After a few challenges, I finally got it installed and loaded it with some knives.. ones that I know what they’re for [ok the ones I think I may know what they’re for] 😀

Wusthoff Under Cabinet swinger

Wusthoff Under Cabinet swinger

Baked and decorated some cookies


Christmas Trees

Reindeer and presents

Perhaps decorating cookies isn’t for perfectionists.. those who are really *picky* about making sure things look the way they’re supposed to. Crooked lines, gaps in lines, and not perfectly round dots were making me go nuts!! Perhaps the icing was a little harder than it should’ve been… I’ll continue to try because I can’t let it defeat me!! Maybe I should stop wearing glasses while decorating cookies or have a beer or 2 so I’m less uptight about the decorating!

We’ll see how tomorrow goes w/the cookies…