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Day 33 – January 11, 2011

Today was a crazy day — I had to do stuff for work, go to the office, pack, and send you a package. I put all the packaged baked goods in a Lululemon bag and was ready to go to the post office and someone got in the way…

I keep telling you he misses his daddy... he wanted to be shipped along with the baked goods!

While I was working, the VP’s admin (MB) asked me to come to the hotel early.. she wanted me to accompany her to a couple of places. My boss got in just in time and he joined us. Our first stop was Stubb’s; MB wanted to select the menu and check out the space.

The stage at Stubb's -- shot by my boss

The outside of Stubb's - also shot by my boss

After that, we went to Kenishi to select that menu as well. After we dropped MB off at the hotel, my boss and I went to the boxing gym. He wanted to talk to the owner and finalize details. We also went for dinner at the restaurant across the street from the hotel.

Fish tacos w/ranchero beans and rice

After dinner, we got down to work… planned all the scenes that needed to be shot and thought of some ideas for the video.

This was the workstation in my room

We laid out the equipment on my bed & were testing out the lights

Once we were satisfied with everything, we packed up and called it a night.


Day 13 – December 22, 2010

Day 12 and Day 13 really blended together as there was no sleep between the 2. I continued to pack, get things ready for the pet sitter, and cleaned up, etc.
As you may recall, my brother brought a ton of cheese and tortillas from Mexico. Well.. it was time to pack those rocks around 3am. Someone took advantage of fact that the freezer was open..


Got any sugar in here?!?

Time went by super fast and before I knew it, it was 4:30. EE picked me up then and off we went to the airport. The security line was no fun thanks to a Chatty Cathy complaining too much about the situation… lucky for me, she was on the same plane, 2 rows behind me. I had never been so glad and thankful for in-flight entertainment. Love my ear buds! I started watching “Going the Distance” but I passed out before take-off. We got to Houston about 20 mins late and and some people were afraid to miss their connecting flight (including Chatty Cathy who continued to complain about the situation). I still had 3.5 hours until my flight departed so I took my time. I went straight to the terminal so that I could just hang out and not worry about having to be there on time. While I surfed the internet, I saw some firetrucks and EMS trucks come to where we were at, but I missed any of the action as I saw them leaving.

They were too quiet as they walked through the terminal

After securing all my belongings, I took another hour long nap at the terminal. Shortly after I woke up, the plane arrived to take us to Canadialand!

I ♥ Air Canada

During the flight, I watched “The Social Network” and it was very good; you should watch it! I also watched another show {Cupcake Girls} and before I knew it, we were getting ready to land. Everything went smoothly until I got into the customs area… The line was so long.. I think there were about 50 people per row and I couldn’t even count how many rows they were, but I think there were at least 600-700 people in line. When I first got there, it wasn’t moving much.. luckily after 10 minutes, it moved really quickly and I was out of there after an hour. Because we’d been in customs so long, our baggage was no longer on the conveyor belts and we had to search for it. The baggage area is HUGE! A couple from my flight asked me if I had seen my luggage and I told them that I was looking for one of my suitcases which was a bright pink and I’d let them know when I found it. It didn’t take me too long 🙂 Then there was another line to get out of the baggage area. After a couple of minutes, my mom picked me up (she’d been waiting at a nearby coffee place for me since she had gotten to the airport shortly after I got off the plane) and home we went!

After putting things away and giving her all the gifts and items I had brought, we had dinner. My dad was working late and my mom called him to inquire when he’d be home. He informed her he’d be home in an hour. My sister was due to arrive maybe a half hour after him. My mom insisted I take a nap and get up when my dad & sis were home. I told her it wasn’t a good idea, but I went to nap anyway.

I vaguely remember my sister coming into my room to give me a hug and the next thing I knew, it was 12:30am. I talked to you for a bit before going back to sleep around 3ish…