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Day 150 – May 8, 2011

This morning, I woke up a little earlier that I wanted to (yet again!). I couldn’t figure out why the wireless network was so slow, so I decided to try to figure it out. It turns out that the router wasn’t broadcasting its SSID, but at least the network was private 😀 So I set up the wireless network on your mom’s laptop, so hopefully it will be used for more than Solitaire 😀

After a late breakfast and some chit chat, it was time for me to go.. but not before we took some photos

Your mom and her Mother's Day present

Your mom and me

Your mom and H

The trip was definitely too short.. but I’m glad I got to go 🙂 Thanks L & H for having me over 🙂


Day 3 – December 12, 2010

Ah.. procrastination… I’m SO good at it, especially when I’m looking at baking websites! I’m happy to report, however, that today was a lot more productive than yesterday 😀

Boredom + ribbon + 2 cats = bad news!! I found the ribbon I used on your present and I cut it in half. Eddie was my first victim since he’s a lot more willing.. Dusty didn’t want to come near me but after some coaching, he did. As I was trying to put the ribbon on him, he kept trying to walk away ever so slowly. He’s so polite! Eddie on the other hand was fighting me!

Sad Eddie

He was so sad he just plopped on the chair

Are You Happy Now?

"Are You Happy Now?"

After I harassed them with the camera, I took off the ribbons and threw them out. No more bows for these little guys!

You won’t believe this so I’m super glad I took a picture… but SANTA CLAUS was in our neighbourhood!!! Santa was riding on a FIRE TRUCK and the fire truck kept honking as it drove along. I saw it on EE’s street and then, it turned. I was so stoked!! I know he came a little early around here 🙂


OMG it's SANTA!!!

In the afternoon, I tested out a few of my new tools that I got from Santa 😉  the zester, a small knife and a filleting knife. I tried to take the skin off the salmon but I suck at it.. I hope they cover that during the Knife Skills class I’ll be taking in January.

Putting my new tools to work!

Putting my new tools to work!

In the evening, MW came over to drop off some cookies and fudge. Mmm… had some w/milk 😀 I’m gonna make some for the crew once I finish my Cookie Decorating class on Tuesday! I cannot wait!!

Cookies from MW!

Cookies from MW!

And so the weekend has come to an end… I guess I can’t complain.. it was a 5 day weekend!