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Day 105 – March 24, 2011

After I got home today, I baked 3 things. This is a new recipe I tried. Any guesses?

Hint: they're not cake balls

During the baking, I looked out the window to see my favourite thing..

Pink clouds.. that don't look so pink here 😦

Anyhow, they were fabulous in person.

Despite all that baking, I didn’t finish the cake balls or another baked surprise… that will be for tomorrow!


Day 99 – March 18, 2011

Today, I pretty much walking around asleep for the first half of the day. I had to bake the cookies I had rolled out last night and then after work, I decorated them. While I was prepping the royal icing, KS called to meet up. I offered to meet her half way.

Forgotten phone

Once I got home, I started decorating the cookies. This was by far, the worst time I’d had with royal icing.. I got it all over my dress, the counter, and even the floor. I will not be trying to wrap the icing in plastic wrap before I put it in the decorating bags again! Anyway.. I was glad to have finished the cookies so they can fully dry before I drive out to my cousin’s.

They were far from perfect, but they turned out alright 🙂

All finished!!

It’s late and I should get up early to drive out tomorrow…


p.s. Happy 10 month anniversary 😀

Day 69 – February 16, 2011

Today was a trial and error day. There were some failures and I’m unsure of whether to ship certain cookies… as you know, the pecan snowballs wouldn’t make it there and I brought them to the outing last night.

No.. I wasn't colouring fondant!

Haven't decided if these will withstand the trip...

I’m not giving anything away so you’ll have to wait and see what you get next 😀


Day 56 – February 3rd, 2011

Today was day 2 of the super cold front.

I went to the kitchen to cut up some papaya, and Dusty followed me to the kitchen.

Can I has some treatz?

He stretched up on my sweat pants, which meant he wanted me to give him some treats. I took the bag of treats out of the pantry.. and it wasn’t long before someone came rushing in..

Gimme gimme!!

I gave them some treats and they finally let me cut up my papaya; I put it in my favourite bowl.

I {heart} papaya!

After work, I played some more of the Simpsons… I saw this billboard which I don’t recall seeing before:

I dunno about you, but it doesn't look like ham to me!

For dinner, I made some beef stir fry

Nutritious and delicious!

I was craving cookies really bad so I decided to make ones that wouldn’t break the PointsPlus bank 😀

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies and milk!

I went to bed and as I rolled and looked out the window, I saw my car covered in snow! So I went to take a pic.

Who knew I'd need a snow brush & ice scraper in Austin?!?

Sorry that it’s a little blurry, but since it was dark out, I had to use a long exposure relying on the railing to stabilize the camera since I didn’t feel like setting up a tripod. As I went to bed, I heard what sounded like hail… please don’t let my poor car get any more dents!!


Day 52 – January 30, 2011

Today, I had let the cats out onto the balcony and I went back to my room. After a while, Dusty came over and started meowing . He went to the window and meowed some more. I thought that he wanted me to open the window which was really strange because the door to the balcony was open, but I opened it anyway. Once I opened it, I saw that Eddie was on the balcony looking at Dusty through the window. I went to call Eddie in (didn’t want him jumping off the balcony) and saw that the door was closed. I opened the door and Eddie ran in… Dusty was playing Lassie and alerted me that his likkle brother was in trouble! ♥ ♥

Anyhow, as I told you already know, I got your mom’s package in the mail yesterday.  My jaw was on the floor… the table runner & place mats turned out AWESOME (Thanks again, L!). Here are the photos:

Ooh la la!!

Up close


I love it.. Eddie was trying to get up on the table to inspect the new items… boy did he complain when I wouldn’t let him on! Speaking of Eddie, here he is with his latest “kill.” He obtained it from the recycle bin.

Mmmm yummy!

And here are the failed peanut butter cookies

Where did I go wrong? 😦

Your package is just about ready to go… I hope you like your cookies 😀


Day 50 (!!) – January 28, 2011

This morning, I woke up early.. and I the cleaning bug had bit me so I finally put away my laundry and tidied up my bedroom. I also put some more clothes in the wash and the cats were very excited about the basket..

Mine.. all mine!!

A few minutes later…

Be careful Dusty!!

I was really surprised that Eddie didn’t jump him. Dusty’s eyes are still bugging him a little bit…

I decided to start over with the cookies. I need to give it another shot and see if I can do a better job. If not, you’re getting ugly cookies 😀

First batch on the cooling rack

Second batch fresh out of the oven!

Decorating round 2 tomorrow after the gym!


Day 46 – January 24, 2011

Even though you just got my last package a week ago, I’ve been thinking about your next one and I decided to start a little early with the cookies. I went to the baking store, Wal-mart and Hobby Lobby to pick up a few things

Yeah.. I'm not giving everything away 😉

Tonight, I made the dough and rolled it out and put it in the fridge.

My favourite appliance at work!

The plan is to bake the cookies tomorrow or Wednesday. AB’s birthday is tomorrow and I might go for drinks after the gym, and if I have time, I’ll cut the cookies and put them in the oven.

Eddie still loves the cookie dough.. bad kitty!