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Day 77 – February 24, 2011

Happy Mexican Flag day!

Today, the day started off really cloudy. I was going to to go the gym at noon, but it was raining plus I lost track of time and before I knew it, I was late for class. I decided to go for another walk with EE after work, but before that, I decided to stop by Target.

It didn’t look as though it had been cloudy for the past couple of days!

I just had to pick a couple of things — cheese and toilet paper 😉 I did see a couple of things I’m going to get for your next package but I was in a rush and didn’t pick up anything. They’re going to have groceries at that Target so it was under construction and I couldn’t find anything. I had to settle for quesadilla cheese.

EE, K, and I went for our walk and K picked up a cardboard strip and wore it as a belt

Fashion forward

The sunset was beautiful 🙂

Of course... the photo colours were desaturated -- there was more pink

I sure hope tomorrow’s better w/the video.


Day 66 – February 13, 2011

Today was another uneventful day.. I stayed up late last night and as a result, I was super tired and had a headache. I got a little bit of work done and then I went for a walk with EE as the weather was beautiful!


Playing with the shadows

When I got home, the sun was setting

Sunshine makes me happy!

I made some pecan balls in the evening but they took forever and I don’t think they’d be good for shipping. I’ll have to figure out what I do want to ship you next time.

Vday tomorrow 😀