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Day 139 – April 27, 2011

Man it was hard getting up today since I got home so late last night.

For lunch, my teammate NB, IS and I went for lunch at Moxies’ in Square One Shopping Mall. I love that place… since we had a quick lunch, we went to the mall to look around.

Boys & their toys

They loved looking at the diecast model cars and we were there for a good 10 minutes.

This evening, I had hoped that I could get together with a few of my friends from high school. I hadn’t talked to them in years and thought it’d be great if we could all get together while I was home. One of them (TK) couldn’t make it because her wedding is coming up quickly and had wedding stuff to do, one (TC) replied too late, and the third one (ML) never replied, so I went over to TS’s house.. We used to be really close in high school and after Paul and I broke up.. but then we drifted apart. She got married to the guy she had been dating since college. I got to meet their kid.. he’s 1.5 year old and is so cute. We had dinner and I brought them some cupcakes; TS and I each had half a red velvet cupcake. We got caught up, and it felt like no time had passed by.. except her & the hubby had a kid! They live pretty close to my sister.

Tomorrow’s another day with lunch and dinner plans 🙂


Day 125 – April 13, 2011

And the pressure is on! Last day in Austin today and I had a lot to do.. the system is really slow making the updates difficult to do. I went into the office and I was putting things away that I didn’t want to lose while I am away. I came across this:

A confidential dossier I put together for the very first video my boss & I did

We were looking for a BIG “Confidential” stamp, but the only one I found at a store was a really tiny one. And as your girlfriend is so resourceful, she thought of enlarging an image Photoshop, editing it a bit, printing it out, cutting out the letters and pasting it on a manila folder! We didn’t actually end up using it in the video, but it still reminds my boss and me of this video and this experience. I sent a text message to my boss with the picture and he replied: “Haha! The infamous folder…the symbol of things to come. Only the privileged may open that…to see what it takes to be creative genius.” He can be so dorky sometimes!

Late at night, I gave up on the project for the night, emailed my boss with the link to the site I was working on, and then I got serious about packing. Once I finished packing my clothes, I had to kick someone out of my bag

Yes, you can come home with me!

Unfortunately for him, I ended up not using that bag. After I was very close to finished packing, I called it a day–I was tired and  I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow!


Day 68 – February 15, 2011

Today, I went into the office. I went to the copy room to pick up some printouts and saw this

Think maybe the IT guy is a little bitter?

After work, EE and I went for a walk then after dinner, I went to Weirdo’s to meet up with EE, WT, and some other people. As the day had been super nice, we sat outside. There were some people playing volleyball


Me & WT

It did get a little chilly towards 9pm. I didn’t stay too late. I really had wanted to go see Kris Roe, but I didn’t want to go downtown by myself. When I got home, I found out Kris had 3 openers and was going on at midnight.. SO glad I didn’t go! I’ll have to go next time!

I’m so glad the weather is getting warmer 😀


Day 65 – February 12, 2011

Today, I went to the gym and got my butt kicked in class. Stephanie always leads such a good class 😀 I’ll be super sad if she ever leaves 😦 After my workout, I went to the Domain to get a few things and drop off my bracelet to get adjusted. It’s snugger than I’d like it to be. Unfortunately, it will take TWO WEEKS!!

I also went to the Apple store and saw the beauties… iMacs, the 13″ Macbook Pro, and the Macbook Air…  they’re so pretty. I thought about getting a new battery for my MBP but decided I would rather not spend money on this machine and wait to get a new one.

I took my empties to the M.A.C store to see if there was anything I wanted and I saw that I didn’t want anything. I only got a new eyeliner.  I also dropped by the bake store to get some meringue powder (for the next time I make sugar cookies) and JoAnn’s and got some pretty spring cookie cutters and some baby themed ones since my cousin AF’s due in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos 😦

In the evening, I got some work done… I started over once again with the work video. I”m really struggling with it and I”m not sure why… maybe it’s all the pressure to make it awesome since that’s what everyone’s expecting.


The weather was great all day and the cats enjoyed being out on the balcony again… Dusty was asking to go out late. Nope!


My name is Edwin and I enjoy napping on the cushion and modelling

I went to bed super late trying to get work done.. looks like I won’t be going to a meetup tomorrow 😦


Day 47 – January 25, 2011

This morning, I went to the office late… I didn’t want to go but I had a call and I thought we were going to have a web conference; WiFi plus VoIP plus web conferencing equals a very choppy connection from my end!

Dusty moved on from the paper bag to the Metro bags…

"What are you doing?"

*I can never get any peace and quiet around here*

Gave Eddie his own bag -- "I can still see you"

"That bag looks better than mine"

"This bag is mine!!"

"All mine!!"

"Hey.. where'd you go?!?"

While in the office, I got an email about a package; I wasn’t expecting one. I went to get it…

Thank You gift

When the VPs were in town, we were filming one day after their meeting. One of the VPs left his laptop in the ballroom and when he never claimed it, the admin that was there told him we had his laptop during dinner. Once I got back to the hotel to drop off the video equipment, I dropped the laptop off at the concierge to have it delivered to his room as he was flying out very early the next day.

Anyhoooo after work, I went to Wal-Mart again because I’d forgotten something yesterday… I must say that birds don’t usually scare me, but when there are a billion of them.. they give me the creeps!!

It still gives me goosebumps thinking about them...

They were on cars, on the ground, on the trees, on the roof, flying around… yuck!!!

Once I got home, I saw Dusty had returned to one of his favourite sleeping spots

No more bags.. at least for tonight!

I didn’t end up going out for AB’s birthday due to a last-minute project that I volunteered for 😦 There’s always the party on Saturday…



Day 41 – January 19, 2011

Today, I decided to work from home as I was too tired to go into the office. I really need to go to bed earlier… The cats as per usual slept almost the whole day.. it was funny to see how they chose to sleep.

Eddie sticks his leg out

Dusty slept in a paper bag

Ah.. I was so jealous. I wanted to take a nap but I had too much work to do 😦

However, I did take some time to watch White Collar..

Best show EVER!!

I must say it was a really good episode! It’s on Hulu so you should watch it! I can hear you groaning.. just do it!! 😛

Tomorrow, I’m gonna try to hit the gym at lunch and then I’m going to happy hour after work 😀


Day 39 – January 17, 2011

Today was one busy day for a day off!

I went to WW first thing in the morning, then I went grocery shopping at a different H-E-B that I hadn’t been to yet.

I thought about buying some butternut squash, but I decided against it since I haven't tried cooking the acorn squash yet

I saw some tortillas being made! Hadn’t seen that at a HEB before!

Made me crave warm tortillas.. *drool*

I didn’t buy any of those nice warm tortillas.. instead I bought some low-carb whole wheat ones.

I knew I had my 1:1 on Tuesday morning, so I figured I should download the videos before my boss asked…

Anticipating Tuesday's 1:1

After days of rain and cloudy weather, the sun came out! I was so stoked.. it was so warm. I let Dusty go out on the balcony and enjoy the sunshine.

Clear skies

I made dinner and lunch for tomorrow, watched more Psych, then I went to bed…



Day 35 – January 13, 2011

This morning was an even earlier morning. I had to be ready to go at 6:30am!! My boss wanted to go down memory lane and go see where his wife and him, plus their first kid lived when he was stationed in Ft. Hood. First we went to Copperas Cove then Killeen. Once he was satisfied, we went for breakfast at Denny’s.

We got back to the hotel at 11:15am. We had to take photos of the groups and video tape the VPs for the final part of the video. We thought that would be it, however, the VP asked us to videotape the line dancing competition at Stubb’s. Off we went…

Walking to Stubb's.. he had the video camera and tripod. I just had my DSLR

Before we were due to video tape again, we got to have a fabulous dinner! Ribs, brisket, sides, dessert… everything was great (except for the peach cobbler). My boss decided he wasn’t going to get his clothes dirty..

gotta love the makeshift bib

There was a line dancing lesson


Then they were expected to follow along

Reps in action.. sorta

Then there was a competition! After Stubb’s, there was a bar crawl… the reps were apprehensive about being video taped at the bars, so instead of being asked a bunch of times if we were videotaping, we decided to drop off the equipment then go to the bars. We got to the second one where me, the VP, and ML (training coordinator from Canada) danced and danced, until we were made to leave for the next bar. The one we liked best was Maggie Mae’s… EE & her C met us up there. Got back to my room close to 3am and boy were my feet killing me!! It was a lot of fun though!

Tomorrow, I get to sleep in!!


Day 34 – January 12, 2011

This morning, I had a very hard time getting up — I had less than 6 hours of sleep after getting everything ready. My boss told me to order room service and we should meet at 7:30.

I ordered a smoked salmon bagel, strawberries, and orange juice.

This is what a $40 breakfast looks like!

We went to the gym and we got there around 8:30am. We started to take out the equipment and I took photos while my boss videotaped details of the gym.

You can see my boss's reflection in the mirror

Another shot of the gym

Behind the speed bag was the big ring

Once we had everything we needed, we waited for the VPs to arrive. We were going to film them as they drove up.

Ready for action!

Once we got the shots outside, we went inside to explain to the VPs what they were required to do. The gym’s owner’s dog wanted to be apart of the video too!

Johnny Cash 😀

After we were done filming, we went back to the hotel and tried downloading the videos. I was missing some cables and a hard drive.  We went downstairs to try to help MB (VP’s admin) with name tags as today was the official check-in date for the reps. There was another conference around the corner and people kept stopping at our table with name tags, so we had to keep pointing them in the right direction. My boss & MB got sick of it so they made a sign with the company’s name.

Hitchin' a ride!

I had to get a pic of it because it was so ghetto lol.. A hotel employee came to set up a proper sign with a frame so people would know this was not their table. They still stopped at our table…

My boss and I went to the office to pick up the hard drive but I was still missing cables… We called the front desk and they transferred me to the IT department and they brought me one cable but it wasn’t the right one. We decided to leave it and maybe come back to my apartment to get the cables after dinner.

The attendees were divided by Lines of Business for dinner and we were given the option of whose team to join. We joined the group that had some people from operations including my boss’s old boss. We went to the Belmont and I had the rib eye. It wasn’t that great — the apps were much better. I had a pounding headache all evening, but we went out for drinks with the rest of the group anyway. We were only there for a little bit as my boss didn’t feel like being social either, and we had plans to drive out to Ft. Hood at 6:30am the next day.

Tomorrow’s when we get to have fun!


Day 33 – January 11, 2011

Today was a crazy day — I had to do stuff for work, go to the office, pack, and send you a package. I put all the packaged baked goods in a Lululemon bag and was ready to go to the post office and someone got in the way…

I keep telling you he misses his daddy... he wanted to be shipped along with the baked goods!

While I was working, the VP’s admin (MB) asked me to come to the hotel early.. she wanted me to accompany her to a couple of places. My boss got in just in time and he joined us. Our first stop was Stubb’s; MB wanted to select the menu and check out the space.

The stage at Stubb's -- shot by my boss

The outside of Stubb's - also shot by my boss

After that, we went to Kenishi to select that menu as well. After we dropped MB off at the hotel, my boss and I went to the boxing gym. He wanted to talk to the owner and finalize details. We also went for dinner at the restaurant across the street from the hotel.

Fish tacos w/ranchero beans and rice

After dinner, we got down to work… planned all the scenes that needed to be shot and thought of some ideas for the video.

This was the workstation in my room

We laid out the equipment on my bed & were testing out the lights

Once we were satisfied with everything, we packed up and called it a night.