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Day 53 – January 31st, 2011

Today, it was back to work. Yay!! 😉

I went to the Post Office to drop off your package 😀

And off the little box went...

After work, I went to the gym and warmed up around the lake–had to take advantage of the weather before it gets ugly! I also attended Pump class.

Ready for a workout!

I needed groceries, so I grabbed a smoothie and headed to the grocery store!

Mmmm HEB donuts! Didn't get any though

POOP!! Yay for grade 3 humour! It's really not poop.. it's peanut butter 😀

Tomorrow, it’s going to get really cold!


Day 12 – December 21, 2010

Today, I sent a package to you.. hopefully it will arrive soon!


Next, I prepped some cookies for the some of the crew..

Leftover cookies

… and met up with them at Trudy’s for Happy Hour. T suggested we wear flip flops so I did!

EE knows the drill… “PICTURES FOR [YOU]!!”


Mexican Martinis!

Extended creeper!

Group love

Family Photo!

I started packing but someone got in the way…


My new bed!

And now I gotta finish as I watch Scooby-Doo!

I hope I don’t freeze much up north! I’ll talk to you from there!