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Day 111 – March 30, 2011

Today, I met up with RI at the downtown location of the gym to go to a kickboxing class. It was crazy from the moment we got there!! 55 minutes of go-go-go. 556 calories burned 😀

When I got home, I was craving tostadas.. yet again. I’ve been craving them a lot lately, but last weekend’s trip to H-town made me want them even more. I was also craving fresh salsa and remembered I had some tomatillos and serrano peppers.. that’s all I need!

I peeled and washed the tomatillos, washed the peppers, and pulled out some garlic. I wasn't sure whether to boil the garlic so I called my mommy

First, you put the peppers to boil, then the tomatillos.. garlic isn't boiled

Then I put the tomatillos and a couple of peppers plus garlic and the boiled water in the blender and blended away! I didn't have cilantro or whiteish onions, so I left them out.

The salsa was hot enough with 2 peppers, so I went and put it on my tilapia tostadas

*Drool* It was so good.. I’m hooked on tilapia and Eddie loves it too! I love to see his little tail shake in excitement when he smells it.

Tomorrow, I’m taking Eddie to the vet Yay!!


Day 110 – March 29, 2011

This morning, I had a hard time deciding what I wanted for breakfast. I was craving protein French toast and pancakes but I was out of milk.. that meant no cereal or oatmeal either. I looked in the fridge, and I was excited to find Canadian bacon that was still good, plus Pepperjack cheese, eggs, and sandwich thins!

Brown eggs.. they aren't any better than white ones. My sis told me when she used to travel in the Eggmobile around our home province promoting Eggs ('An egg a day is okay!')

Toasted tastes better!! No butter though...

Tada!! It was super delicious and it hit the spot!

This was my brother’s favourite when he came to visit.. I can’t remember if I’ve made some for you.. but I guess I could convert them to breakfast tacos for you :p


Day 76 – February 23, 2011

Today, while reading my blog subscriptions, I saw a recipe for coconut almond crusted tilapia… I was going to make some tilapia tostadas but the photos from the blog looked really good, I decided to improvise. I mixed ground almonds, whole wheat bread crumbs, salt, and paprika. It was really good!!

It wasn't burnt...

Eddie really liked the tilapia too but I didn’t take a photo.

All day long, I was craving chocolate baked goods and finally settled on a chocolate chip cookie recipe from Cooking Light, but instead of regular All Purpose flour, I used whole wheat.

They were alright...

Eddie wasn’t so interested in these!

So glad the week is more than half way done 😀


Day 40 – January 18, 2011

Since it’s already the 19th for you… Happy 8 month anniversary 🙂 ♥ ♥

Today it was the first day back in the office in just over a week. It was hard to get out of bed, but your email put a big smile on your face… it was like you were a kid on Xmas morning opening presents. So cute! Charles cute 😉

Work was alright.. I had a lot of work to do. After work, I tried a new class at the gym, Slash, which was tough. Luckily, the class was only 45 minutes long. After the gym, I went to Michael’s to pick up some stuffs. Lookie what I found!!

Just the right size!

I didn’t get it though… but it sure was purdy!!

After Michael’s, I went home and made some dinner…

Homemade burgers and fries 😀

Yeah I don’t know what was up with the bump in the middle… but it was delicious! Eddie really liked it too. I know it’s crazy but I’m thinking of making the cats homemade cat food.. they’ve grown tired of the canned food. Eddie won’t have a problem, but Dusty will need to be migrated gradually. I’ll let you know what I decide on that.

Time for some zzzz’s…