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Day 147 – May 5th, 2011

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!

This morning didn’t start off very well.. first, I woke up after having had bad dreams… and as I talked to you, Dusty fell off the windowsill and scratched me on the way down.

Owwwwie - it looks worse than it was

In the aftenoon, AF, A and the baby came by after A got picked up from school. H is in the orchestra and they’re playing downtown. So we headed downtown. It was exciting to watch them.. and it also made me miss being in a large band… I loved playing in front of others as part of the band in High School.. did I ever tell you I was in band? lol

The Advanced {String} Orchestra

Proud mama and crazy cousin 😉

Las 3 bellas

It was a fun evening 🙂


Day 141 – April 29, 2011

Today is my last full day in Canada 😦 It didn’t start well… every morning, Dusty has been waking me up to pet him. It’s quite annoying when this happens long before I have to get up.. Today it was at 5:30 am. I figured since I was awake and unable to go back to sleep, I would go downstairs to watch the Royal wedding since my mom was already watching it.

Afterwards, I headed to the office. I went to lunch with JC at Baton Rouge [I had a chicken salad]. I felt bad for only having lunch with him, but it was either lunch or nothing.. I already had plans for Friday night, and so did he.

I had a yummy salad

JC's salmon and a huge mount of mashed potatoes

I’m not sure if I told you that he had to have surgery on his knee about a month ago.. and luckily, he was able to now bend his knee and walk around with a limp.

It wasn't warm, but he could only wear shorts with the brace

In the evening, I went to see my friend LS and her fam. JC and I went to LS+GL’s wedding last May, and L+G already have a baby! He”s two months old. So I went to see the baby, catch up with LS and also chat with GL and LS’ mom. I’ve known LS for over 10 years.. hard to believe!! She’s a sweet person.

I had to go home and start packing. Oh man, I LOATHE packing!

Buster didn't make my job any easier

I made sure to weigh both my bags to make sure they weren’t above 50 lbs. I had to rearrange the second bag because the things didn’t fit. I finally went to bed past midnight. My flight is at 7:40 which means I have to be there around 5 yay!! I still can’t believe 2 weeks have gone by so quickly!


Day 139 – April 27, 2011

Man it was hard getting up today since I got home so late last night.

For lunch, my teammate NB, IS and I went for lunch at Moxies’ in Square One Shopping Mall. I love that place… since we had a quick lunch, we went to the mall to look around.

Boys & their toys

They loved looking at the diecast model cars and we were there for a good 10 minutes.

This evening, I had hoped that I could get together with a few of my friends from high school. I hadn’t talked to them in years and thought it’d be great if we could all get together while I was home. One of them (TK) couldn’t make it because her wedding is coming up quickly and had wedding stuff to do, one (TC) replied too late, and the third one (ML) never replied, so I went over to TS’s house.. We used to be really close in high school and after Paul and I broke up.. but then we drifted apart. She got married to the guy she had been dating since college. I got to meet their kid.. he’s 1.5 year old and is so cute. We had dinner and I brought them some cupcakes; TS and I each had half a red velvet cupcake. We got caught up, and it felt like no time had passed by.. except her & the hubby had a kid! They live pretty close to my sister.

Tomorrow’s another day with lunch and dinner plans 🙂


Day 134 – April 22, 2011

Today is a statutory holiday in Canada so I am the only one having to take a vacation day. I woke up to Dusty kneading me; I looked at the clock and it was almost 4am… we were supposed to be on the road at 3am. It turned out, only my sister set her alarm and she had set it for 2pm instead of 2am. We scrambled around and got ready to go.

Printing out the hotel confirmation and Buster watching intently

On our way to Boston (after the 2 hour wait at the border so I could get my passport stamped), we had to keep ourselves entertained.. I chatted with you for a bit and my sis mostly slept, especially as a co-pilot… but she was awake enough to try out the 3DS.

she liked it.. but playing w/the 3DS plus being in a moving car was not a good combination for her

Once we got to the Boston area, we went straight too the mall.

On their way to shop

We shopped until the mall closed (I got a dress and a pair of shoes), then we went to check into the hotel. We were pretty exhausted and fell asleep before 11. More shopping tomorrow!


Day 129 – April 17, 2011

This morning, I saw some stuff falling from the sky…

SNOW... in APRIL!! I thought it was April showers not April snow...

We just hung out at home during the day and in the evening, we pulled out the Wii for a…

Dance Party!

We had a lot of fun… even my dad played! After we were done playing “Just Dance 2,” we pulled out the Michael Jackson game Diana has. It was way tougher and only she and I played.

She beat me at Thriller...

It was still fun.. I didn’t take photos of us dancing because we all felt like such dorks haha

Tomorrow, my sister is off so I’m going to work from home to spend some more time with her 🙂


Day 120 – April 8, 2011

This morning, the little brave kitty wanted extra cuddles.. he wanted to make sure I still loved him after his attempt to run away!

Morning love

Later on, I inspected him for injuries.. he seemed fine but I wanted to make sure he was ok.

One pad was a little red and there was some blood surrounding it

Hopefully that will heal rather quickly! But that was pretty good for having gotten down from the 3rd story balcony to the ground (most likely via the roof to the side of the balcony).

After I dropped off your packages, I went to meet up with some folks over at Weirdo’s… where we enjoyed some root beer floats made by JV while hanging out in the shade. It was a hot one!! Much later on, I went to the restroom and on my way there, I saw 2 dogs going towards a small dog. I heard the dog yelp and then I realized it was Roxy and TG! Someone had to hold the dogs back because they really wanted to get in Roxy’s face. She made it out okay… a little shook up but not hurt. For the rest of the night, she was pretty sad..

She just wants people and doggies to like her!

And now for the obligatory people shots 😀

Goin down.. EE, WT & AG

I really thought my tan had faded enough.. I guess not! AB & TG

Tomorrow, I’m going to bake some of the Lemon Ricotta cookies I sent you for the Crawfish Boil at AG & MV’s!


Day 119 – April 7, 2011

Today, I went to my first kickball game since we won the championship last summer. It’d been a while and it honestly felt like no time had gone by.. except there were different people on the team and the colour was quite different. The Pitches lost but fun was still had on the sidelines.

WT molesting his water bottle.. AG's face is PRICELESS

The clouds looked really fake to me that afternoon…

It looked as though they were painted on!

After the game, I hung around for a bit then I went home.. I had more baking to do! It was a nice evening so I had the balcony door open. I was having a bad night.. the cake balls weren’t turning out well and then Eddie went missing. Yup.. he finally escaped and ended up downstairs in some bushes in the back of the building. So glad I found him and I’m sure he was glad to be home too 🙂

Gotta tighten up that security on the balcony again…