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Day 120 – April 8, 2011

This morning, the little brave kitty wanted extra cuddles.. he wanted to make sure I still loved him after his attempt to run away!

Morning love

Later on, I inspected him for injuries.. he seemed fine but I wanted to make sure he was ok.

One pad was a little red and there was some blood surrounding it

Hopefully that will heal rather quickly! But that was pretty good for having gotten down from the 3rd story balcony to the ground (most likely via the roof to the side of the balcony).

After I dropped off your packages, I went to meet up with some folks over at Weirdo’s… where we enjoyed some root beer floats made by JV while hanging out in the shade. It was a hot one!! Much later on, I went to the restroom and on my way there, I saw 2 dogs going towards a small dog. I heard the dog yelp and then I realized it was Roxy and TG! Someone had to hold the dogs back because they really wanted to get in Roxy’s face. She made it out okay… a little shook up but not hurt. For the rest of the night, she was pretty sad..

She just wants people and doggies to like her!

And now for the obligatory people shots πŸ˜€

Goin down.. EE, WT & AG

I really thought my tan had faded enough.. I guess not! AB & TG

Tomorrow, I’m going to bake some of the Lemon Ricotta cookies I sent you for the Crawfish Boil at AG & MV’s!


Day 119 – April 7, 2011

Today, I went to my first kickball game since we won the championship last summer. It’d been a while and it honestly felt like no time had gone by.. except there were different people on the team and the colour was quite different. The Pitches lost but fun was still had on the sidelines.

WT molesting his water bottle.. AG's face is PRICELESS

The clouds looked really fake to me that afternoon…

It looked as though they were painted on!

After the game, I hung around for a bit then I went home.. I had more baking to do! It was a nice evening so I had the balcony door open. I was having a bad night.. the cake balls weren’t turning out well and then Eddie went missing. Yup.. he finally escaped and ended up downstairs in some bushes in the back of the building. So glad I found him and I’m sure he was glad to be home too πŸ™‚

Gotta tighten up that security on the balcony again…


Day 118 – April 6, 2011

Today is the day I forgot to take photographs.

I was working from home and hard pretty much all day. I stopped around 5pm to go to the downtown location of the gym. Last week, I went with RI and as soon as we got into class, we had to join in the groups of people who were already running around the classroom. This time, I showed up early and she started differently. Still, it was 560 calories burned.

I love that location… lots of machines, the spin class right out in the open… people just seem to be more serious about working out.

After class, I grabbed a smoothie and went home. I have a lot of baking to do!!


Day 117 – April 5, 2011

Today, I went into the office and I got the worst parking spot 😦 I’d never had to park up on the 4th floor!! You can’t show up after 9:30 and before 11:30.

That's high!

That’s why I sometimes wait until the early people go for lunch before noon so I can get a good spot. Yeah.. lazy! After lunch, I was craving something sweet so I pulled out a lollipop I had in my bag…

I like the sugary chili powder more than the lolli

After work, I took a nap and I didn’t do all that much. I wanted to go to the gym but I didn’t.. Β I will tomorrow for sure!!


Day 116 – April 4th, 2011

Today, before I got into the office, I got a text from a coworker from Boston. He was in town doing New Hire training and asked if I wanted to do lunch. I said sure and we went for burgers at Mighty Fine. I think I got him hooked! After work, I took an afternoon nap and got a text from EE telling me her, TG & WT were going to Woodrow’s for drinks. Yup.. drinks on a Monday, but I figured “what the heck?!” and went.

Drinks plus TG creepin'

TG wanted to creep in with his chicken wing, so I let him be in it

Earlier, JR+MV were there and some new people (to me)Β a guy from the kickball team, a girl that WT works with and the girl’s friend. also. It was a fun way to start the week πŸ™‚



Day 114 – April 2nd, 2011

Today started on a sour note — my favourite instructor wasn’t at the gym. I left the gym early as I was hoping to go strawberry picking with EE. Unfortunately, the cable guy came late so we were unable to go. She and A came over to hang out at the pool, and after a nap, I joined her by the pool after a nap. I asked EE what I should bring for movie night, and she asked me to bake something.

After trying to figure out what I wanted to bake on such short notice, I decided on chocolate cupcakes. I was running out of time, so I used cream cheese frosting I had for your baked goods.

I decorated them with frosting roses. They looked so purdy πŸ™‚

WT arrived shortly after I did and with his lead, we put together some jalapeno poppers.. They tuned out really well and were gone shortly after they came out of the oven so I didn’t take a photo.

Little A stole EE's chair while enjoying a cupcake

However, karma isn't nice if you're not nice, and she dropped the cupcake. The 5 second rule applied and she had a fit taking off the leaves. We ended up giving her another one anyway.

While we waited for some people, we enjoyed strawberry daiquiris and the Kings of Leon's DVD

and pet Roxy

Finally, everyone was present — EE & A, WT, AB+TG, JV+RI, LT (hadn’t seen her in forever!) and M “Beef” D (don’t know if you remember her… she was in kickball) and it was time for the feature film

Howard The Duck

Oh man.. that was one terrible movie!! I don’t know how many times I groaned. Glad I’d gone this long without seeing it πŸ˜›

I went home not too long after the movie was over. I was wiped out!


Day 113 – April 1st, 2011

Today started the same as my mornings usually start… I open my bedroom door and crawl back into bed so I can give Eddie his morning cuddles. Then, out of nowhere, Dusty jumps on the bed and gets in between me and Eddie. He wanted me to pet him! He’s never that aggressive when it comes to being pet! Eddie was not happy and perhaps a little dumbfounded and left.

I went into the office.. we had an All Hands video call Β and 8 of us (including my boss) were to talk about ourselves for 5 minutes. We pretty much went over our alloted time.. but it was fun. Before the call, I realized that my personal Macbook wasn’t closing properly.. the latch wasn’t working so I made an appointment at the Genius bar and headed there shortly after the call ended.

An Apple employee checked me in and I wanted for a few minutes before I was brought over to the bar. The tech took a look at the Macbook and took it to the back to see if he could fix it. While he was away, I noticed an awful sight.

Wait.. what's THAT doing at the Genius bar?!?

The tech came back and he had fixed the latch. I went home. It was HOT.. 92F what is up with this weather?!?

EE texted me and asked if I wanted to go to Weirdo’s for a little bit.. so she and her kid A picked me up and off we went. After the sun set, the weather was beautiful! I was home before 9.

I was on the Macbook surfing and then once again, Dusty came over and wanted me to pet him… so I put the Macbook away and I pet him.

He fell asleep on my lap and Eddie wasn't very happy!!

He’s left to eat, drink, go potty, and then he’s come back. He’s currently sleeping on the couch here. Eddie.. I don’t know where he went. Dusty kept touching my calf, and then a few times, he’s dug one claw into my calf. Not sure what that’s about.. and I’m not sure why I’m getting so much love today, but I’ll take it!