Day 113 – April 1st, 2011

Today started the same as my mornings usually start… I open my bedroom door and crawl back into bed so I can give Eddie his morning cuddles. Then, out of nowhere, Dusty jumps on the bed and gets in between me and Eddie. He wanted me to pet him! He’s never that aggressive when it comes to being pet! Eddie was not happy and perhaps a little dumbfounded and left.

I went into the office.. we had an All Hands video call  and 8 of us (including my boss) were to talk about ourselves for 5 minutes. We pretty much went over our alloted time.. but it was fun. Before the call, I realized that my personal Macbook wasn’t closing properly.. the latch wasn’t working so I made an appointment at the Genius bar and headed there shortly after the call ended.

An Apple employee checked me in and I wanted for a few minutes before I was brought over to the bar. The tech took a look at the Macbook and took it to the back to see if he could fix it. While he was away, I noticed an awful sight.

Wait.. what's THAT doing at the Genius bar?!?

The tech came back and he had fixed the latch. I went home. It was HOT.. 92F what is up with this weather?!?

EE texted me and asked if I wanted to go to Weirdo’s for a little bit.. so she and her kid A picked me up and off we went. After the sun set, the weather was beautiful! I was home before 9.

I was on the Macbook surfing and then once again, Dusty came over and wanted me to pet him… so I put the Macbook away and I pet him.

He fell asleep on my lap and Eddie wasn't very happy!!

He’s left to eat, drink, go potty, and then he’s come back. He’s currently sleeping on the couch here. Eddie.. I don’t know where he went. Dusty kept touching my calf, and then a few times, he’s dug one claw into my calf. Not sure what that’s about.. and I’m not sure why I’m getting so much love today, but I’ll take it!



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