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Day 81 – February 28, 2011

Today was a rough day at work… I left the office shortly before 8pm so today, you’re going to get a KITTY POST!!! 😀 I can tell you’re extremely excited!

I got a hard drive delivered today — I need to copy all the raw footage from past videos onto the hard drive and then I need to ship it to my boss tomorrow. I brought the HDD home and opened the box.

Someone saw a little bit of tape and got a little excited

Imma get chu, evil tape!!

He failed at killing the tape AND his mama was telling him to get off the table

Dusty kept going out to the balcony and back in. It got a little chilly so I closed the door. Of course, he kept begging and  I told him that was the last time he was going outside.

Mama.. let me out!

Someone gets jealous when Dusty gets the attention.. brat cat!

I wanna peechur too mama!

Alright.. time for bed for me. It was a long day & I’m exhausted!


Day 80 – February 27, 2011

Today, it was definitely hard to get going. I had a couple of errands to run, and then I decided to go to EE & CF’s BBQ. Some of our friends whom I haven’t seen in a while were going to be there so I couldn’t pass it up!

Besides, who can pass up some brisket?!?

Words with Friends was the game of the night.. AG was playing too (in the picture before this, she was holding her phone too but AB had to go & ruin the pic! 😉

The attack of the chair!!! Lucky RI had her Princess charming 🙂

Roxy & Princess Pebbles. They're so pretty with their matching hair!!

Why do the weekends always go by super fast? 😦


Day 79 – February 26, 2011

Today, I went to the gym, went shopping for a bit, had a long conversation with my dad (28 minutes!!!) and then chilled at home. I got ready to go out with the girls… EE’s friend E and her friends were joining us.

TS2, CR, EE, and me at the second local watering hole 🙂

Pomegranate Lemon Drop shots (made by my fave bartender)

After my fave bar, we went to a club down the street and then EE took the girls to her fave club and the 3 of us (TS2, CR & me) went bar hopping scoring a couple of free drinks 🙂 We then went back to my fave bar to wrap up the night.

Wrapping up the night!

We ran into WT outside the bar (turns out he’d been there too!) and then we got some Chi’lantro BBQ (you’ll have to try that when you get back!!) and WT was kind enough to give us a ride home 😀 It was a long night and boy were my feet glad when I got home!


Day 78 – February 25, 2011

Today, I went to the office and then at lunch, I went to the Domain to return some cookie cutters that I didn’t need, and then went home.

It was funny to see Eddie with his new “kill”

a piece of tape!

I’m not sure why he loves tape.. when he first “killed” it, he took it to the bathroom.

Last night, my Macbook Pro didn’t wake up from sleep. I figured it had overheated and left it alone for the night. Today, while it made the noises, it still wouldn’t boot up 😦

Black screen

I still have to try one more thing (use the installation CD) to see if it will boot up.. it sounds like it does turn on and it gets warm  but nothing’s displayed on the screen. I don’t have an external monitor to try here so I can’t test it. I’m using my work MBP for now. I really don’t appreciate you telling Eddie to knock it off the chair repeatedly! I know you don’t like Macs, but still…

It’s time for bed.. gotta get up early to go to the gym!


Day 77 – February 24, 2011

Happy Mexican Flag day!

Today, the day started off really cloudy. I was going to to go the gym at noon, but it was raining plus I lost track of time and before I knew it, I was late for class. I decided to go for another walk with EE after work, but before that, I decided to stop by Target.

It didn’t look as though it had been cloudy for the past couple of days!

I just had to pick a couple of things — cheese and toilet paper 😉 I did see a couple of things I’m going to get for your next package but I was in a rush and didn’t pick up anything. They’re going to have groceries at that Target so it was under construction and I couldn’t find anything. I had to settle for quesadilla cheese.

EE, K, and I went for our walk and K picked up a cardboard strip and wore it as a belt

Fashion forward

The sunset was beautiful 🙂

Of course... the photo colours were desaturated -- there was more pink

I sure hope tomorrow’s better w/the video.


Day 76 – February 23, 2011

Today, while reading my blog subscriptions, I saw a recipe for coconut almond crusted tilapia… I was going to make some tilapia tostadas but the photos from the blog looked really good, I decided to improvise. I mixed ground almonds, whole wheat bread crumbs, salt, and paprika. It was really good!!

It wasn't burnt...

Eddie really liked the tilapia too but I didn’t take a photo.

All day long, I was craving chocolate baked goods and finally settled on a chocolate chip cookie recipe from Cooking Light, but instead of regular All Purpose flour, I used whole wheat.

They were alright...

Eddie wasn’t so interested in these!

So glad the week is more than half way done 😀


Day 75 – February 22, 2011

Today, I went for a walk with EE. It was a little chilly so it required a long sleeve shirt but it was warm otherwise.

Cloudy usually = chilly

Neither one had ever noticed this house before…

There's a hole in the roof!!

What came first — the tree or the house? Weirdddd.

I really need to go to the gym and not rely on our 3+ mile walks…