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Day 52 – January 30, 2011

Today, I had let the cats out onto the balcony and I went back to my room. After a while, Dusty came over and started meowing . He went to the window and meowed some more. I thought that he wanted me to open the window which was really strange because the door to the balcony was open, but I opened it anyway. Once I opened it, I saw that Eddie was on the balcony looking at Dusty through the window. I went to call Eddie in (didn’t want him jumping off the balcony) and saw that the door was closed. I opened the door and Eddie ran in… Dusty was playing Lassie and alerted me that his likkle brother was in trouble! β™₯ β™₯

Anyhow, as I told you already know, I got your mom’s package in the mail yesterday. Β My jaw was on the floor… the table runner & place mats turned out AWESOME (Thanks again, L!). Here are the photos:

Ooh la la!!

Up close


I love it.. Eddie was trying to get up on the table to inspect the new items… boy did he complain when I wouldn’t let him on! Speaking of Eddie, here he is with his latest “kill.” He obtained it from the recycle bin.

Mmmm yummy!

And here are the failed peanut butter cookies

Where did I go wrong? 😦

Your package is just about ready to go… I hope you like your cookies πŸ˜€


Day 51 – January 29, 2011

Today, we officially celebrated AB’s birthday Β even though her actual birthday was on Tuesday. I went shopping for a shirt and a belt buckle. I found the shirt on sale at Old Navy, but I didn’t find a belt buckle to my liking.

I did find these awesome belts though πŸ˜‰ Too bad they were out of my price range

I went to EE’s house to finish getting ready…

Ready to go!

WT's friend "librarian", "gay d-bag", "chick w/boob job", umm AL didn't dress up... and the "farmer"

The group shot that Josh ruined!!

It was a lot of fun… missed you though.


Day 50 (!!) – January 28, 2011

This morning, I woke up early.. and I the cleaning bug had bit me so I finally put away my laundry and tidied up my bedroom. I also put some more clothes in the wash and the cats were very excited about the basket..

Mine.. all mine!!

A few minutes later…

Be careful Dusty!!

I was really surprised that Eddie didn’t jump him. Dusty’s eyes are still bugging him a little bit…

I decided to start over with the cookies. I need to give it another shot and see if I can do a better job. If not, you’re getting ugly cookies πŸ˜€

First batch on the cooling rack

Second batch fresh out of the oven!

Decorating round 2 tomorrow after the gym!


Day 49 – January 27, 2011

Today, I went to look for boxes to ship your baked goods at Office Depot or Office Max.. who knows that it’s called. I found some plastic boxes that were good for organizing my baking stuff since it was mad chaos. They were so pretty…

Organized cookie cutters!

Ooooh.. Aaaaah...

I labelled the boxes with dry erase marker because I want to make some pretty labels for the boxes.

I had just pulled everything out of the cupboard and my kitchen was a total disaster when I got a text from EE asking me if I wanted to go out for drinks… I told her I had the lamest excuse for saying no.. that I was reorganizing part of the kitchen and she told me she wanted to meet up a couple of hours later so I agreed to go out!

While cleaning the apartment, I saw the poor little Whole Foods bag..

RIP baggy... you will be missed by the kitties

and had to retire it. It was ripped open and it had lots of little claw marks from Eddie since he kept jumping Dusty while he was in it.

Just before 9, we went to our neighbourhood bar for some cheap drinks

Cheap beer and cheap pizza!

The 25 oz beer was $4! Not too shabby…

EE & WT!

I had asked for a smaller beer the second time around but the waitress brought me a big one again… When WT showed up after work, I gave him some of mine.. and then the waitress brought him his Lone Star and he pushed my Miller Lite back to me. Punk!

We stayed out a little later than we wanted to.. but it was still a good time πŸ™‚


Day 48 – January 26, 2011

Today, it was time to decorate the cookies I baked last night πŸ˜€

So pretty πŸ™‚

The royal icing was mixed, coloured, put into decorating bags, and then thinned out so I could put the icing in squeeze bottles to flood the cookies.

Alright.. I'll let you know which colours I chose for you.. only 1 is girly!

I should’ve thinned it out a bit more before I started trying to decorate. It lead to some pretty ugly piping… so not happy…

Eddie’s still hung up on the Metro bags

Half in; half out - can't make up his mind!

I’ll see how the cookies look tomorrow and go from there…


Day 47 – January 25, 2011

This morning, I went to the office late… I didn’t want to go but I had a call and I thought we were going to have a web conference; WiFi plus VoIP plus web conferencing equals a very choppy connection from my end!

Dusty moved on from the paper bag to the Metro bags…

"What are you doing?"

*I can never get any peace and quiet around here*

Gave Eddie his own bag -- "I can still see you"

"That bag looks better than mine"

"This bag is mine!!"

"All mine!!"

"Hey.. where'd you go?!?"

While in the office, I got an email about a package; I wasn’t expecting one. I went to get it…

Thank You gift

When the VPs were in town, we were filming one day after their meeting. One of the VPs left his laptop in the ballroom and when he never claimed it, the admin that was there told him we had his laptop during dinner. Once I got back to the hotel to drop off the video equipment, I dropped the laptop off at the concierge to have it delivered to his room as he was flying out very early the next day.

Anyhoooo after work, I went to Wal-Mart again because I’d forgotten something yesterday… I must say that birds don’t usually scare me, but when there are a billion of them.. they give me the creeps!!

It still gives me goosebumps thinking about them...

They were on cars, on the ground, on the trees, on the roof, flying around… yuck!!!

Once I got home, I saw Dusty had returned to one of his favourite sleeping spots

No more bags.. at least for tonight!

I didn’t end up going out for AB’s birthday due to a last-minute project that I volunteered for 😦 There’s always the party on Saturday…



Day 46 – January 24, 2011

Even though you just got my last package a week ago, I’ve been thinking about your next one and I decided to start a little early with the cookies. I went to the baking store, Wal-mart and Hobby Lobby to pick up a few things

Yeah.. I'm not giving everything away πŸ˜‰

Tonight, I made the dough and rolled it out and put it in the fridge.

My favourite appliance at work!

The plan is to bake the cookies tomorrow or Wednesday.Β AB’s birthday is tomorrow and I might go for drinks after the gym, and if I have time, I’ll cut the cookies and put them in the oven.

Eddie still loves the cookie dough.. bad kitty!


Day 45 – January 23, 2011

Today, I slept a lot.. you know you’re getting older when it takes long to recoup from a night out.

The day was cloudy and chilly but eventually the sun came out.

The colours were much brighter in real life...

I didn’t do much.. I slept, played some more Kirby (trying to finish the game.. I need to finish collecting all the items in the collections), and watched my fave show of the moment


I’m almost done with season 4, which is the last one available as season 5 hasn’t been released yet. Since season 6 is starting this summer, I’m thinking the DVD for season 5 will be out just before it starts.

I can’t believe it’s Monday already. I need to hit the sack.


Day 44 – January 22, 2011

This morning, I went to Stephanie’s class, which was really good.. time flew by! I played some more Kirby and then ran errands in the afternoon. I got home, made dinner and then got ready to go out. EE picked me and CR up and we went to Sherlock’s.


Then we went downtown to Lanai and my fave bartender was bartending yay!

Us w/the bday girl

On our way to the second bar

There's the bracelet πŸ˜€ I'm fist pumping or dancing or... ??

EE and I met up with WT at our neighbourhood bar, then called it a night.. It was a lot of fun but I wish you had been there 😦


Day 43 – January 21, 2011

Today, I worked from home… work was work, but in the afternoon, I saw Dusty looking out, enjoying the sunshine

My little sunworshipper

So I opened the door and let them out. They really enjoyed it

Being on the balcony rulez!

I didn’t do that much in the evening.. except nap, and then I played Kirby for a bit

and I beat it πŸ˜€

then I had to work some more to put in some redirects in old website. Friday went by super fast.. Tomorrow we’re going downtown πŸ˜€