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Day 96 – March 15, 2011

Today, CR and I went to the Rodeo Austin!!

Entering the Rodeo Austin grounds

After we paid for our tickets, we went in, tasted some dips and popcorn, walked around and “window” shopped for belts 😉 looked at all the food that was available.

The foods of the Rodeo: deep fried corn, pizza on a stick, walking taco, and creamalot

Then we went to check out the animals.

Texas Longhorn

Mini donkey!

Awww look at those eyes! Black buck (okay.. sign, if you say so!)

After that, we went to the rodeo show where we saw cowboys and cowgirls and cowchildren (they were little kidlets trying to hold onto sheep!)… I shot some video but there wasn’t anything that was uber interesting so I didn’t upload it. After the show, there was an intermission and then Jason Derulo took the stage. Who’s Jason Derulo, you say?  Well maybe if you listened to the pop station you’d know 😛

It's Jason Derulo!! Oh em gee!! It was crazy to hear all the tweens/teens screaming for him... forgot what a pop concert was like!

I called it... doing a lap around the arena in the back of the truck!

Pretty ferris wheel

Derulo danced really well. He did sing one song twice… once acoustic, and one like on the radio (non-acoustic lol).

It was quite interesting.. and now I can say that I’ve been to the rodeo!