Day 98 – March 17, 2011

Today, the plan was to get to the Rusty Spurs early to get in to see Neon Trees. Unfortunately for me, I was too tired and took a nap and then had to go get some stuff at the grocery store that I’d forgotten earlier, then I make the dough for sugar cookies and rolled out the dough. Parking was difficult downtown and it took me about half hour to find parking at 5th and Colorado. By the time I showed up at the venue, they were no longer letting people who had RSVPed and it was then only a wristband/badge event.


I knew some people were going to see the Strokes (including RI whom I was supposed to meet up with at Neon Trees), so I texted a few and walked to meet up with RI and JV at Imperia for dinner.

6th Street madness

We had some sushi for dinner, and we talked for a bit

Apres dinner

Then off I went to meet WT at Molotov. TS was also there but left after a little while. I met WT’s coworker KS. We went to Lanai to visit my fav bartender. There were some bands playing up there. Didn’t get the names of any of them!

Some band

Me, KS, and WT at Lanai.

We went to Chi’lantro afterwards and we all shared some Kimchi fries and quesadillas… *drool* I then drove KS, her boy, and WT to WT’s car and then headed home. When I got home, I realized that there was a phone on my back seat. I texted KS and said we’d meet up after her work for a drop off.

Ooof.. Friday’s going to be tough!


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