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Day 70 – February 17, 2011

Today started with a cute little kitty wanting me to pet him!

This evening, EE and I decided to meet up for drinks with JC (the race team captain in Oct — also CR’s coworker)

Me, EE & JC

Getting friendly

After a drink, we headed to a new spot… the Broken Spoke.. we wanted to show TS’s friends from Ohio a country bar!

There's an odd bus outside of the Broken Spoke

There's another thing in Austin we've tried..

TS & AL - AL dressed the part!

Friendly again!

We all didn’t dance, AL danced with one of TS’s friends and another one of her friends danced with some chick there. After a while and much people watching, the novelty wore and we decided to head towards home — so we hit West 6th — J. Black’s.

TS was having phone issues from the start -- she couldn't find it {Here's EE helping her look for it}. Then she dropped it in the toilet!

2/3 of TS's Ohio friends on their phones..

As EE has an appointment with the trainer tomorrow, we left before midnight!! I know! Hard to believe.. it was fun though 😀