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Day 114 – April 2nd, 2011

Today started on a sour note — my favourite instructor wasn’t at the gym. I left the gym early as I was hoping to go strawberry picking with EE. Unfortunately, the cable guy came late so we were unable to go. She and A came over to hang out at the pool, and after a nap, I joined her by the pool after a nap. I asked EE what I should bring for movie night, and she asked me to bake something.

After trying to figure out what I wanted to bake on such short notice, I decided on chocolate cupcakes. I was running out of time, so I used cream cheese frosting I had for your baked goods.

I decorated them with frosting roses. They looked so purdy 🙂

WT arrived shortly after I did and with his lead, we put together some jalapeno poppers.. They tuned out really well and were gone shortly after they came out of the oven so I didn’t take a photo.

Little A stole EE's chair while enjoying a cupcake

However, karma isn't nice if you're not nice, and she dropped the cupcake. The 5 second rule applied and she had a fit taking off the leaves. We ended up giving her another one anyway.

While we waited for some people, we enjoyed strawberry daiquiris and the Kings of Leon's DVD

and pet Roxy

Finally, everyone was present — EE & A, WT, AB+TG, JV+RI, LT (hadn’t seen her in forever!) and M “Beef” D (don’t know if you remember her… she was in kickball) and it was time for the feature film

Howard The Duck

Oh man.. that was one terrible movie!! I don’t know how many times I groaned. Glad I’d gone this long without seeing it 😛

I went home not too long after the movie was over. I was wiped out!