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Day 71 – February 18, 2011

Today after work, I headed to Houston. On my way there, I saw the full moon rise! It was huge and orange and I tried to take photos but they didn’t turn out 😦

I swear the moon looked huge!

Once I got to MF’s place, I barely had time to get changed and I didn’t even put make-up on but we ran out the door to meet up with one of her friends + daughter at Taco Cabana then we decided to go dancing

Where we went dancing for a bit

H & MF!

Terrible pic! No make-up plus I forgot to pack a suitable bra and belt among other things! It was dark in there though 😀

The girl in the black top is MF's friend's daughter doing a solo

You know how I feel about that music.. but I danced away anyway.. gotta have fun wherever you are! Tomorrow we have a long day ahead of us!