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Day 146 – May 4th, 2011

Happy Star Wars day — May the fourth be with you!!

MF made breakfast again yay and we went out for a late lunch after we picked up H from school.. street tacos and we shared a hamburger!

Ever since last night, it had seemed like Eddie and Tomasa were upset with each other; I hadn’t seen them together at all!! But late this morning, I finally saw them together again and Eddie was grooming her {it sure does look like they’re kissing!!}


This afternoon, there were no excuses and I went to Zumba with her. On our way out, we noticed the Siamese’s kittens outside.

This was Eddie & Siamese in April last year

Chillin' outside.. 5 out of 6

Oh there's the 6th!

They’re so cute!

Zumba wasn’t bad.. after that, we went to look for a book at Target then Walmart and went to Taco Cabana since we were starving at this point… we also had a margarita while we were there 😀

After surfing for a bit, I decided to call it a day!



Day 72 – February 19, 2011

This morning, we were able to find the kitties behind the bed. They’re less than 2 weeks old!

This is chubby kitty

Mama kitty plus the 4 kitties.. the black one, chubby, white nose, siamese (they don't have actual names)


White nose on the left, chubby on the right

Once MF & AF finished work, they came by and we rushed over to Zumba! MF was helping the instructor

Outdoor Zumba!

After Zumba, we stuck around for a half hour class of Hoopnotica. Naturally, I sucked!

I kept trying though...

A is a natural!

AF tried but the baby got in the way!

password hoop

It’s me.. MF sneaking up behind me [SHOW OFF!!] and when A pans to the right, it’s H with the hula hoop!!

After our workout… we went for lunch — Vietnamese sandwiches!!


After lunch, AF + A went home and then MF, H, and I went out to AF’s place, but we got there before she did as AF went a different way and got stuck in traffic. MF did my nails while we waited and then MF made some leaf art.

Leaf art.. yeah we were bored.

Once we got in, AF showed us her sad little aloe vera plant.. it froze a couple of weeks ago.


We went out to Old Town Spring to look around



Scurry Doll Hospital

We looked around the town but we didn’t find much.. AF found an “F” keychain she liked for 25 cents and got it. We went back to AF’s where MF & I took short naps and then we left H there to spend the night, and MF & I went to work for a bit. After work, we went to grab dinner.. the tacos we’d been craving for a while..

Oh so good!!

Then we went to see the house that MF, CO, and H will be moving into next week. Then we went back to her place.

MF and me at her place

Oof.. we crammed so much stuff into one day! I’m exhausted!! Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep in tomorrow 😀