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Day 126 – April 14, 2011

Wow.. how quickly today arrived. I had to get up early and finish packing, pack the car, shower, and go to an appointment. After my appointment, I rushed back home and put the cats in the carrier without incident. Woohoo… I left my place around noon.

This was what it looked like on my way to your brother’s:

My sucky co-pilot

Unhappy to be in the carrier

I got to your brother’s around 3:30 and we chatted, then I put the cats out on the porch while I picked up the car, and then he dropped me off at the rental place. While I was inspecting the rental with an employee, there was an incident involving road rage across the street, so I bolted as soon as I had a chance. On my way back to your brother’s, I saw some really big road kill — it looked like either a wild boar or a wolf! I tried to take a pic but failed.

Once I had the car packed, the cats in the rental, and talked to your brother about the car, I was on my way! This time, I decided to let Eddie out as he had been in a carrier for almost 5 hours and we still had 3 more hours to go until I reached our destination.

What's going on outside?

Mama, what are you doing?

Me and the pretty good co-pilot

He behaved for the most part, and as Eddie was out of the plastic carrier, Dusty decided he was going to sleep there. Once Eddie got tired, he didn’t find the black carrier suitable for his needs, so he retreated to the plastic carrier.

Two cats one carrier

So what if there was already a cat in there? They were in there until I got to MF’s before 8pm. We played “Just Dance 2” for a bit, chatted, and treated my itchy legs. Went to bed around midnight.. Getting up at 4am, so I’m sure that will come way too quickly!


Day 125 – April 13, 2011

And the pressure is on! Last day in Austin today and I had a lot to do.. the system is really slow making the updates difficult to do. I went into the office and I was putting things away that I didn’t want to lose while I am away. I came across this:

A confidential dossier I put together for the very first video my boss & I did

We were looking for a BIG “Confidential” stamp, but the only one I found at a store was a really tiny one. And as your girlfriend is so resourceful, she thought of enlarging an image Photoshop, editing it a bit, printing it out, cutting out the letters and pasting it on a manila folder! We didn’t actually end up using it in the video, but it still reminds my boss and me of this video and this experience. I sent a text message to my boss with the picture and he replied: “Haha! The infamous folder…the symbol of things to come. Only the privileged may open that…to see what it takes to be creative genius.” He can be so dorky sometimes!

Late at night, I gave up on the project for the night, emailed my boss with the link to the site I was working on, and then I got serious about packing. Once I finished packing my clothes, I had to kick someone out of my bag

Yes, you can come home with me!

Unfortunately for him, I ended up not using that bag. After I was very close to finished packing, I called it a day–I was tired and  I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow!


Day 123 – April 11, 2011

My day started with a trip to the doctor’s office for my physical. My throat was still really sore but it was a little better than Sunday. The doctor told me to keep doing salt water gargles and if it didn’t get better or if it got worse to call her this week. After the appointment, I went back home to work.

As my throat was so sore, I found that straws worked really well, Chloraspectic and Advil didn’t really work for me, but ice cream did 😀

Mmm for pecan ice cream!

I guess the cold of the ice cream numbed my swollen tonsil.

While at home, Dusty kept asking to go out to the balcony… after locking up Eddie in my bedroom (he’s not yet allowed to go out on his own), I let Dusty out..

He needed his daily dose of sunshine

I called my boss to ask him for Thursday off.. we ended up talking about photography for half an hour! He loves his new camera so I was trying to give him some pointers and some links to check out.. I  can’t wait to get a new camera!  I worked a little late.. I have a bunch of things to do for Wednesday night 😦


Day 113 – April 1st, 2011

Today started the same as my mornings usually start… I open my bedroom door and crawl back into bed so I can give Eddie his morning cuddles. Then, out of nowhere, Dusty jumps on the bed and gets in between me and Eddie. He wanted me to pet him! He’s never that aggressive when it comes to being pet! Eddie was not happy and perhaps a little dumbfounded and left.

I went into the office.. we had an All Hands video call  and 8 of us (including my boss) were to talk about ourselves for 5 minutes. We pretty much went over our alloted time.. but it was fun. Before the call, I realized that my personal Macbook wasn’t closing properly.. the latch wasn’t working so I made an appointment at the Genius bar and headed there shortly after the call ended.

An Apple employee checked me in and I wanted for a few minutes before I was brought over to the bar. The tech took a look at the Macbook and took it to the back to see if he could fix it. While he was away, I noticed an awful sight.

Wait.. what's THAT doing at the Genius bar?!?

The tech came back and he had fixed the latch. I went home. It was HOT.. 92F what is up with this weather?!?

EE texted me and asked if I wanted to go to Weirdo’s for a little bit.. so she and her kid A picked me up and off we went. After the sun set, the weather was beautiful! I was home before 9.

I was on the Macbook surfing and then once again, Dusty came over and wanted me to pet him… so I put the Macbook away and I pet him.

He fell asleep on my lap and Eddie wasn't very happy!!

He’s left to eat, drink, go potty, and then he’s come back. He’s currently sleeping on the couch here. Eddie.. I don’t know where he went. Dusty kept touching my calf, and then a few times, he’s dug one claw into my calf. Not sure what that’s about.. and I’m not sure why I’m getting so much love today, but I’ll take it!


Day 109 – March 28, 2011

Today was crazy chilly.. I won’t say cold since it really is cold up north. On Saturday, we had 90* weather , and this morning, it was in the 50s. After work, I went home and made dinner. For dessert, I had a dark chocolate/raspberry “popsicle.” From a previous post, you can see that Eddie is a fan of them so when he saw me eating one, he marched right over.

He stood on the Macbook and pressed the brightness control button and turned the screen off. I had to put him on the ground as he was pushing against the screen. It doesn't bend that way!

Gave him just a little bit

After he was done eating, he wrapped himself up in my blanket

The cats were really chilly so they both slept on me and my blankie

Tomorrow’s supposed to be a little warmer… can we just have spring… none of this jumping from winter to summer back to winter. Thanks 😀


Day 104 – March 23, 2011

After I got home from the office today, I let the kitties out. Dusty thought it was too hot in the balcony so he came back in but was still wanting to spend some time in the sun.

I don't want my back in the sun

Eddie was adjusting to Mirana being gone.. but he was just moping around.

If you look up despair in the dictionary, you'll find this picture

or maybe this one... Poor baby

I’m sure he’ll be back to normal in now time!



Day 102 – March 21, 2011

This morning, I opened the bedroom door for the kitties to come in. They ran to the window…

Look ma, no fighting!

They were too busy bird watching.

The rest of my day was pretty uneventful… I went into the office, went to work out afterwards, went home.. and I went to bed at a decent time! Sorry I only took one photo today!