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Day 94 – March 13, 2011

Today, RI and I went to a SXSW party — URDB World Records w/ Bright Light Social Hour LIVE Benefitting Break Cancer at the Highball.

It was a cloudy/chilly day.. we went a little early

Bright Light Social Hour played a song (or two but I think only one)

Then the record breaking/setting began.. here are some highlights

Loudest Whistle (120 dB)

The Australians that broke the record for longest high five watching their video (4.2km)

Australian breaking the record for fastest time (17 seconds) to eat 3 Tim Tam's while crowdsurfing (his buddy had just set the record)

Chick broke her own record for most boob wiggles in 30 seconds (68; previous record was 64)

Romany Malco from 40 year old virgin sets record for highest number of fish types in a rap (or something to that effect)

The world's largest karaoke to "I Will Survive" w/Zeale (?)

RI & me during 'I Will Survive'

Bright Light Social Hour closed the show… It was a great time. So glad RI invited me 🙂

Got home around 9:30 and daylight savings means getting up early so early to bed it is!