Day 124 – April 12, 2011

With my trip home coming up so quickly, I have been preparing for it. I pulled out the suitcases, the cat carriers, the items for my sister, and cleaned out the fridge. Today, I started doing my laundry, and when I took the last load of clothes from the washer and put it in the dryer, the little one wanted to explore it.

Mr. Edwin is the space traveler!

When I unloaded the dryer, he jumped right in there

Chilin' in the dryer!

Unfortunately, the photo was a bit out of focus.. the camera was having a hard time with the moving cat plus all the shiny & reflective areas.

No washers/dryers were hurt in the process 😉

I also worked on the website I need to have done for tomorrow night. It looks like this is gonna get done, I just need to start packing!!



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