Day 119 – April 7, 2011

Today, I went to my first kickball game since we won the championship last summer. It’d been a while and it honestly felt like no time had gone by.. except there were different people on the team and the colour was quite different. The Pitches lost but fun was still had on the sidelines.

WT molesting his water bottle.. AG's face is PRICELESS

The clouds looked really fake to me that afternoon…

It looked as though they were painted on!

After the game, I hung around for a bit then I went home.. I had more baking to do! It was a nice evening so I had the balcony door open. I was having a bad night.. the cake balls weren’t turning out well and then Eddie went missing. Yup.. he finally escaped and ended up downstairs in some bushes in the back of the building. So glad I found him and I’m sure he was glad to be home too 🙂

Gotta tighten up that security on the balcony again…


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