Day 116 – April 4th, 2011

Today, before I got into the office, I got a text from a coworker from Boston. He was in town doing New Hire training and asked if I wanted to do lunch. I said sure and we went for burgers at Mighty Fine. I think I got him hooked! After work, I took an afternoon nap and got a text from EE telling me her, TG & WT were going to Woodrow’s for drinks. Yup.. drinks on a Monday, but I figured “what the heck?!” and went.

Drinks plus TG creepin'

TG wanted to creep in with his chicken wing, so I let him be in it

Earlier, JR+MV were there and some new people (to me) a guy from the kickball team, a girl that WT works with and the girl’s friend. also. It was a fun way to start the week 🙂



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