Day 110 – March 29, 2011

This morning, I had a hard time deciding what I wanted for breakfast. I was craving protein French toast and pancakes but I was out of milk.. that meant no cereal or oatmeal either. I looked in the fridge, and I was excited to find Canadian bacon that was still good, plus Pepperjack cheese, eggs, and sandwich thins!

Brown eggs.. they aren't any better than white ones. My sis told me when she used to travel in the Eggmobile around our home province promoting Eggs ('An egg a day is okay!')

Toasted tastes better!! No butter though...

Tada!! It was super delicious and it hit the spot!

This was my brother’s favourite when he came to visit.. I can’t remember if I’ve made some for you.. but I guess I could convert them to breakfast tacos for you :p



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