Day 109 – March 28, 2011

Today was crazy chilly.. I won’t say cold since it really is cold up north. On Saturday, we had 90* weather , and this morning, it was in the 50s. After work, I went home and made dinner. For dessert, I had a dark chocolate/raspberry “popsicle.” From a previous post, you can see that Eddie is a fan of them so when he saw me eating one, he marched right over.

He stood on the Macbook and pressed the brightness control button and turned the screen off. I had to put him on the ground as he was pushing against the screen. It doesn't bend that way!

Gave him just a little bit

After he was done eating, he wrapped himself up in my blanket

The cats were really chilly so they both slept on me and my blankie

Tomorrow’s supposed to be a little warmer… can we just have spring… none of this jumping from winter to summer back to winter. Thanks 😀



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