Day 107 – March 26, 2011

Today, I found out my fave gym instructor is leaving the gym 😦 She’s going to stay on until the end of April but since I’ll be home for the last 3 saturdays, I’ve only got 2 classes with her. After the gym, I ran around running errands afterwards: picking up cat food at the vet & scheduling Eddie’s annual checkup for Thursday, picking up a box at the Post Office, and going to Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up some Jersey knit pillowcases. Once I was done, I dropped off the package and came back home.

Around 6ish, I went to Weirdo’s. EE, CF, JV, and FG were there.

FG & EE.. it was a a beautiful day!

Me, JV & his beer

CF & his terrible beer

CF has friends!!

The sad little lemon drop shot that EE spilled 😦

The pretty lights went on

FG and I left first.. I went home and watched some Nip/Tuck until I went to sleep.


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