Day 95 – March 14, 2011

This morning, as per usual, it was very hard to get out of bed… but at least today I had a good reason — Daylight Savings started yesterday so we lost one hour of sleep! I went into the office and actually stuck it out to go to the 6pm class afterwards. Glad I did.. I got VIP again!! This time it was also for working really hard! Go me!! This time I got some protein chocolate. Haven’t tried them yet but each serving has 20 g of protein!!

Anyway, this evening, EE and K came over to drop off their kitty Mirana. Surprisingly, Eddie was the one that was scared of Mirana, and Dusty was out and about trying to check her out while EE and K were still here!!

Who are you??

I brought her box down in case she wanted to come out... she was hissing at both boys!

When I downloaded the photos, this was as far out as she had come. Once I started editing them, she came out to her box again, but now she's back under the chair

I gave her some of her food and Eddie thought this would be a good time to get a better look

I’m probably going to work half the day here tomorrow. I was planning on working the whole day but on Wednesday, the maintenance people are coming to change filters, and make sure everything’s OK so I want to be home for that. I’m sure she’ll come out once the lights are out.

Time for sleeps!


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