Day 90 – March 9, 2011

This morning, it was almost impossible to get up.. I shouldn’t have napped for so long yesterday. The cats were very playful though

Dusty got to play with his fave toy while Eddie was grounded.. look at those claws!

So glad you finally got interwebz in your trailer.. I bet you never thought you’d see yourself on the blog 😀 Glad I got you 😛

Making your debut!

The UPS man came around 3 I think to drop off a package.. it sounded like he was in a rush, I heard him running up the stairs and he yelled “UPS” before he knocked on the door while still going up the stairs. Lookie what I got

Look at the pretty purse 😀

Such a pretty colour 😀

Oh but look! It's a CAMERA bag!!!

I was going to put my wide angle lens but I forgot to grab it before I took the picture.  I need to charge the flash batteries so I can take nicer pictures. I love my Sony camera and all, but I love the control I have with a DSLR. Thank you baby 🙂

Must rest.. it’s only Wednesday. But yay for day 90… 😀



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