Day 81 – February 28, 2011

Today was a rough day at work… I left the office shortly before 8pm so today, you’re going to get a KITTY POST!!! 😀 I can tell you’re extremely excited!

I got a hard drive delivered today — I need to copy all the raw footage from past videos onto the hard drive and then I need to ship it to my boss tomorrow. I brought the HDD home and opened the box.

Someone saw a little bit of tape and got a little excited

Imma get chu, evil tape!!

He failed at killing the tape AND his mama was telling him to get off the table

Dusty kept going out to the balcony and back in. It got a little chilly so I closed the door. Of course, he kept begging and  I told him that was the last time he was going outside.

Mama.. let me out!

Someone gets jealous when Dusty gets the attention.. brat cat!

I wanna peechur too mama!

Alright.. time for bed for me. It was a long day & I’m exhausted!



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