Day 65 – February 12, 2011

Today, I went to the gym and got my butt kicked in class. Stephanie always leads such a good class 😀 I’ll be super sad if she ever leaves 😦 After my workout, I went to the Domain to get a few things and drop off my bracelet to get adjusted. It’s snugger than I’d like it to be. Unfortunately, it will take TWO WEEKS!!

I also went to the Apple store and saw the beauties… iMacs, the 13″ Macbook Pro, and the Macbook Air…  they’re so pretty. I thought about getting a new battery for my MBP but decided I would rather not spend money on this machine and wait to get a new one.

I took my empties to the M.A.C store to see if there was anything I wanted and I saw that I didn’t want anything. I only got a new eyeliner.  I also dropped by the bake store to get some meringue powder (for the next time I make sugar cookies) and JoAnn’s and got some pretty spring cookie cutters and some baby themed ones since my cousin AF’s due in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos 😦

In the evening, I got some work done… I started over once again with the work video. I”m really struggling with it and I”m not sure why… maybe it’s all the pressure to make it awesome since that’s what everyone’s expecting.


The weather was great all day and the cats enjoyed being out on the balcony again… Dusty was asking to go out late. Nope!


My name is Edwin and I enjoy napping on the cushion and modelling

I went to bed super late trying to get work done.. looks like I won’t be going to a meetup tomorrow 😦



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