Day 63 – February 10, 2011

Today, I started my day off at home as I was waiting for a package to be delivered around 10:30. After the package arrived, I went to the gym and then I went into the office. Before I knew it, it was past 5 but before I left the office, I wanted to finish doing an update, but my boss texted me — he was looking for the very first video we ever put together. So then I had to help him find it on the server… talk about a walk through memory lane… all the videos we have done so far (ok not that many..) but there were some random pix uploaded as well.. and other videos I didn’t want to see! I left the office around 7:15 and went to HEB. As I went in, I saw that they had Snuggies on clearance for $10!! So I stopped in and got one.

I finally caved!!

Eddie called dibs on the reading light! I guess he needs it more than I do.

The cats really like it thus far…

I had to uncover him to take this pic...

Shortly after I took this, I got a phone call letting me open the box!!!

It was a toughie!!!

But definitely worth the effort!

Ooooh so purdy!!

Boooo the colours got washed out. Thank you baby 🙂 It’s super pretty!! And thank you for not torturing me until Monday 😀

Last day of the work week tomorrow… can’t wait for the weekend!



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