Day 58 – February 5, 2011

This morning, I woke up  at 8:45 and I should’ve almost been out the door to get to Stephanie’s class so I could set up. I went in the classroom at 9:20 and there was hardly any equipment left.

Everyone was already set up...

Luckily, I got what I needed and I was ready for Pump! The class was great (as per usual) and my legs felt like jell-o for hours afterwards. I went to Ulta where the manager wasn’t very friendly — it wasn’t my fault last week’s manager sucked and charged me for something she should’ve been giving me money back for… and it’s also not my fault that even though signs say “clearance” with a low price, at the register, they’ll charge you full price. Anyway… I went home and the cats wanted me to let them out. I was too tired and we reached a compromise

I opened the window for them so they could still get fresh air

After my nap and talking to you on the phone ( 😀 ), I let the cats out onto the balcony, and even though it was sunny, the ground was too cold for Dusty. I knew exactly what would make him happy

And I was right.. he could enjoy the sunshine and his paws wouldn't get cold!

Naturally, someone got curious and decided to investigate

Hey.. what are you doing?!?

Yeah.. the brat. He eventually left Dusty alone.

In the evening, I went over to EE’s for the pre-Carnaval “party” which was more along  the lines of people getting ready for Carnaval. I thought that if I went, I might regret my decision of not going, but that wasn’t the case. I helped EE with her makeup, CS with her corset, chatted with CF {we’re thinking of doing P90X in the mornings starting on Tuesday — I committed to a week, not 90 days 😉 } and chatted with other people. One girl from the meetup group that we’d never met before went and had 2 people meet her there. I also played photographer, and here’s the group shot I got {I didn’t get the unknowns lol}

EE, CS, CR, WT & AR {Click the photo for a large version}

EE got crafty and made her costume and CR rented hers.

I went home, chilled for a while, and went to bed at a somewhat decent hour 😀 No excuses to skip Yoga tomorrow!



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