Day 49 – January 27, 2011

Today, I went to look for boxes to ship your baked goods at Office Depot or Office Max.. who knows that it’s called. I found some plastic boxes that were good for organizing my baking stuff since it was mad chaos. They were so pretty…

Organized cookie cutters!

Ooooh.. Aaaaah...

I labelled the boxes with dry erase marker because I want to make some pretty labels for the boxes.

I had just pulled everything out of the cupboard and my kitchen was a total disaster when I got a text from EE asking me if I wanted to go out for drinks… I told her I had the lamest excuse for saying no.. that I was reorganizing part of the kitchen and she told me she wanted to meet up a couple of hours later so I agreed to go out!

While cleaning the apartment, I saw the poor little Whole Foods bag..

RIP baggy... you will be missed by the kitties

and had to retire it. It was ripped open and it had lots of little claw marks from Eddie since he kept jumping Dusty while he was in it.

Just before 9, we went to our neighbourhood bar for some cheap drinks

Cheap beer and cheap pizza!

The 25 oz beer was $4! Not too shabby…

EE & WT!

I had asked for a smaller beer the second time around but the waitress brought me a big one again… When WT showed up after work, I gave him some of mine.. and then the waitress brought him his Lone Star and he pushed my Miller Lite back to me. Punk!

We stayed out a little later than we wanted to.. but it was still a good time šŸ™‚


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