Day 42 – January 20, 2011

Today, felt like a Monday… I went into the office and I took a midday break to hit the gym. We had a substitute instructor and she was really good; the hour FLEW by! I worked until just after 6 then hit Baby A’s for happy hour! In attendance were EE, CR + her friend, AL (plus a couple of friends down the table), TS, JV, and a couple of other people I didn’t meet

My first purple margarita.. yum!

Me, CR's friend, and CR

JR, AL, and TS

JV & AL fist pumping

Sword fight!

They went onto another bar around 8:30 but I was too tired and I came home. I need to go to bed earlier 😦 I’m going to start locking the cats out of my room at night.. no more sleeping with mama! Next week, I will try to get at 8-8.5 hours of sleep each weeknight.

Yay.. tomorrow’s friday 😀



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