Day 28 – January 6, 2011

It was really nice to start my day off talking to you 🙂 I really didn’t do a whole lot.

I got a big package via courier today.

Could it be a Wii?!? No.. the box is too big for that!

It was one big camera.. I'll need to practice this weekend!

I left work early to go to the endodontist…

and I was a little nervous & anxious in the waiting room

I think it went well though.. hopefully there won’t be too much pain tomorrow!

My cousin, her fam, and her MIL are stopping in on the way back to MX tomorrow to pick up some stuff my mom put in my suitcase when I was coming back. My cousin M asked me to take a photo of the stuff that they were picking up so I put them on the ground so I could take a picture so they could estimate how much space they would need.

Dusty was investigating the bag and Eddie was laying on the coat (don't tell my aunt!)

When I took the photo for MF, Dusty was on his own exploring, and I told MF that Dusty was not included! I’m sure they knew, but I had to spell it out. Eddie they could possibly take.. he’s being such a PITA.. he insists on going on the table and I keep splashing him with water, and I think he tries to show me he’s the boss and keeps jumping on the table. Oy.. he needs to learn!! The human is the boss 😀

Tomorrow’s friday.. yay! Can’t wait for the weekend…



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