Day 27 – January 5, 2011

Today was one action-packed day! Except for work.. except for after the gym.. and except for when I got home. Ok maybe not so action-packed after all 😀

I was hoping to try a new class today after work, however, my boss called me to share some good news, and we stayed on the phone longer than I had hoped. Since it was sunny today, I didn’t feel like being stuck indoors on a treadmill so I took my walk out to the trail around the lake. I thought it was pretty when I got out there.

I still kinda wish I lived at those apartments...

Then I got on the phone with my mom and I we talked for a bit…

I liked this a lot better.. there's nothing like pink in the skies 😀

After the gym, I went to take care of some work business for next week, then I finally went to hang out w/the crew.

Yummy... strawberry beer!!

1st place in trivia for Gz & MV!

The next round, JV got #1 and MV & Gz got #2

Le Genia was inducted into the Ring of Honor while we were there

The attendees - CS, AG & WT

The cool kids :p

EE and your namesake!

After a while I went home and I realized I miss you 😦 I crashed pretty early…




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