Day 26 – January 4th, 2011

Today, the weather was still gloomy but I was feeling better than yesterday! Maybe it was because I had a spiffy new bowl for my oatmeal!

Isn't it cute? You should see the bottom.. it has GLITTER!!

Work was alright… I hit the gym afterwards and rewarded myself with a smoothie

Maybe it was because I was hungry or I was high on endorphins, but that tasted like the best smoothie EVER!!

I went to Wal-Mart to get some basil and some organizers for the bathroom but they didn’t have either 😦

😦 no spaghetti casserole for me tonight 😦

I did pick up some cat food, treats, and catnip. I left the bags on the ground while I decompressed and I heard some noise. Boy was I shocked to see this!!

Dusty has crossed over to the DARK SIDE!!!

Yeah.. it was DUSTY who tore the bag open. They also took the catnip out but they didn’t break into it! Crazy kitties…

Anyway, it’s WAY past my bed time. Tomorrow, I’m going to get your FF winnings!



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